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Gas Struts - What is a Gas Strut

Gas Strut
Gas Strut
Many people tend to be confused about the differences between gas struts, dampers, gas springs, gas shocks and other words used to describe similar products. Sometimes these terms are even used interchangeably. In order to make sure that you are purchasing the right product, carefully examine the different functions of products that people sometimes call "gas struts."

Gas Spring

Gas Springs are found in a variety of applications like office chairs, overhead cabinets, food equipment, manufacturing equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive equipment and more! Gas springs are great for helping control the motion of your lid, door or cover. The gas spring can help keep the lid in the closed position, aid in lifting, and hold the lid in the open position. Gas springs are pressurized with nitrogen gas and contain a small amount of lubricating oil within the cylinder.


Dampers are another great way to control the motion of your door, lid or cover. In addition, they're also useful to control the movement of a lever, gear, pedal or linkage mechanism. Each damper is filled with gas and a small amount of lubricating oil. Through a series of chambers and orifices, the movement of gas can slow the motion in the extension or compression of the rod with the tube.

Dampers are available in two basic styles - Compression or Extension. Compression dampers slow the movement of when the damper compresses together. On the other hand, extension dampers slow the motion of a damper when it extends. There is also the option of specialty dampers with dampening in both directions as a custom run.

* Be careful when purchasing struts and shocks because they can be filled with either oil, gas or both*


A strut is used as one of the components of a vehicles suspension. The suspension is the system of parts that connect the vehicles wheels to the rest of the car. The major functions of a vehicles suspension are to support the vehicle, absorb impact from road irregularities like bumps and potholes and to allow the vehicle to turn the wheels. A strut is involved with helping all these major functions.

A strut is made of two parts, a spring and a shock absorber. The spring is usually a coil spring which is spiral shaped. The spring supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs the shock of major bumps. The shock absorber also can support the weight of the vehicle but its main function is to dampen the vibrations that occur after major shock. For example, it stops the vehicle from bouncing up and down after a bump.

Shock absorber

Shocks are also used in vehicle suspensions. Although shocks and struts are similar, they are different. Therefore they should not be used interchangeably. Thus, a shock cannot be used to replace a strut and a strut cannot be used to replace a shock. The main difference between the two parts is that a strut is a structural part of a vehicles suspension, where a shock is not. A shock is meant to dampen the vibrations that occur when your vehicle hits major bumps in the road like pot holes.

shock strut PC: Alko Shocks

Gas Strut Conclusion

A gas strut can mean a variety of different products. If you are searching for a "gas strut," you may be looking for a gas spring or damper since they are filled mainly with gas. Guden has a large variety of gas springs and dampers in stock and ready for same day shipping. Prices for the gas springs and dampers are competitive and our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the gas springs and dampers. Please note that Guden does not sell struts and shock absorbers for vehicles.  

Guden Gas Springs and Dampers
Guden Gas Springs and Dampers