Leveling Feet, Furniture Glides & Leg Levelers

Guden has an assortment of adjustable leveling feet, glides and leg levelers. They provide a level, stable base for furniture, machinery or equipment.

Custom glides and levelers can also be supplied. Please contact the Guden Customer Service Department for more information and assistance in a custom quotation.


Guden leveling feet and leg levelers help prevent applications from wobbling, unevenly distributing weight, tipping, vibrating, wearing down and creating noise. In addition, our glides make it easy to move applications that are too heavy to lift and require pushing.


Our leveling feet, glides and leg levelers are available in zinc plated steel. Each has a threaded stem for easy mounting and adjustment. You can choose from either an all metal foot, plastic base foot or black nylon foot. The all metal foot material is durable and can handle gliding on rough cement or carpeted floors. The plastic base and nylon foot material does not mark up tile floors and also slides easily over carpeting.

Common Applications:

Seen in: indoor and outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, metal boxes, display stands, pedicure chairs, electronic racks, data racks, AV racks, medical equipment, machinery, display cabinets, art easels, and ladders.