Guden stocks a wide variety of gas springs in steel with a chrome plated or black nitride rod. All are stocked in the three popular diameters and in a variety of extended lengths, strokes and pressures. If one of our stock parts doesn't meet your requirements, we can supply custom parts to your exact needs. In addition to standard gas springs, we have friction stop gas springs, locking gas springs and set force adjustable gas springs.

We also stock a wide selection of dampers - both compression and extension dampers and we can supply custom dampers with damping in both compression and extension. We also have a self-centering damper in a variety of forces.

We have an extensive selection of end fittings (connectors) and brackets for mounting our gas spring and dampers.

Our Cam-Stay is also an option to consider in place of our gas springs. It will hold your lid open until you positively release it.

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3D CAD models downloads are available for most of the products on this page. Look for the CAD model button on the product page.