Are you looking for a reliable and durable solution to open, close, or keep lids in position? Gas springs from Guden may just be the answer. With a wide selection of nitrogen-pressurized gas springs in steel with black nitride rods and 316L stainless steel, Guden can offer solutions that meet your exact needs, all while providing long-term, reliable performance.

Gas Springs, also often called Gas Lifts, Gas Struts, or Gas Props, come in three popular diameters and a variety of extended lengths, strokes, and pressures. They’re used in a wide variety of motion control applications, such as truck caps, chest lids, doors, hatches, and covers. Gas Springs are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and will work for years with no sign of wear or decay. Our gas springs are available in a wide range of sizes, from our Mini-Size (4mm x 12mm) to our Compact-Size (6mm x 15mm) and Standard-Size (8mm x 18mm) and our Heavy-Duty-Size (10mm x 22mm) gas springs. So no matter your needs, we have the right size for your project.

In addition to standard Gas Springs, Guden can supply friction stop Gas Springs, locking Gas Springs, set force adjustable Gas Springs, Mini Gas Springs, and dampers (in either compression or extension). Guden also offers a selection of end fittings (connectors), brackets, and ball studs for mounting Gas Springs and dampers.

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Guden’s Gas Springs: Two Essential Material Variations

Nitride Rod Gas Springs

These steel Gas Shocks are the standard Gas Spring option. They feature black nitride-coated steel rods, providing superior corrosion resistance and long-term durability in most applications.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Type 316L Stainless Steel Gas Springs provide an even higher level of corrosion resistance than their Nitride Rod Gas Springs counterparts. As a result, they’re perfect for use in medical, marine, and other caustic and extreme environments.

Types of Gas Springs Available at Guden

There are multiple types of Gas Springs that can be used for a variety of applications. See below for more information.

  • Adjustable - Starting at high pressure with a built-in valve, adjustable Gas Shocks allow you to reduce the pressure of the Gas Springs depending on your application needs.
  • Locking - Positive locks are a must in Gas Springs that need to stay firmly open. Locking Gas Springs feature a spring-loaded shroud around the rod that requires you to manually release it before you can compress the Gas Spring.
  • Friction - Friction Gas Struts can be used for positioning the cover in several open angles. A resistance nut is fitted around the rod, and when tightened, it provides friction and holds the lid or cover in the desired position.
  • Stainless steel - Black painted Gas Springs are the standard option, but if you need something more durable and corrosion-resistant, there are always stainless steel Gas Springs. These Gas Springs resist corrosion more than their black counterparts, so they’re a great choice for marine, chemical, or medical applications.
  • Mini Gas Springs - If you need Gas Struts for lighter lids and doors, mini Gas Springs are the answer. Despite their small size, these Gas Springs can fit into tight spaces and provide reliable performance with lower pressure ranges. Mini Gas Springs are available with black nitride rods and type 316L stainless steel.

With a Collection so Vast and Versatile, You’ll Find the Perfect Gas Spring Solution for Your Project

Over 100 years of experience and excellent customer service have ensured that Guden’s Gas Springs are the first choice for any application. We pride ourselves on our quality products, reliable performance, and unbeatable customer service.

Design applications in the automotive, furniture, RV, machinery and equipment, medical, and aircraft industries rely on Gas Springs to securely support heavier objects. Gas Springs are also used in the home or office, where they provide the smooth, quiet operation needed to open and close cabinets and desktops.

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Standard Gas Springs

Standard doesn’t always mean ordinary. At Guden, our Gas Springs are designed to provide reliable performance and superior quality. With Gas Struts manufactured to the highest technical specifications and tested for years of dependable use, you can trust that your Gas Spring purchase from Guden will deliver exactly the performance you need.

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Small Gas Springs

Guden Gas Springs come in various sizes, and our selection of mini Gas Struts is no exception. With their compact design, they can fit into tight spaces and provide reliable performance with lower pressure ranges. Guden’s mini Gas Springs are the perfect answer for lighter lids and doors that require effortless lifting, but also need to be firmly held when open or closed.

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Friction Stop Gas Springs

Guden’s Friction Stop Gas Springs are the perfect choice for applications that need to stay firmly open or closed. As Friction Stop Gas Springs are Standard Gas Struts with the additional feature of a friction nut mechanism, they can be used to hold Gas Springs at any point in the stroke cycle, or easily returned to standard action by loosening.

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Locking Gas Springs

For applications that require total security, Guden’s Gas Springs come with a locking mechanism. Gas Struts with locking shrouds provide a secure extended position, thanks to their spring-loaded design, which angles the rod and sits on the end of the tube. This prevents compression until manually released, ensuring that Gas Springs are always in an outwardly stretched state.

Locking Gas Springs are especially well-suited for medical, marine, and chemical applications that need the utmost security. You can trust that Gas Struts from Guden will not compromise performance and quality, no matter how tough the conditions.

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Adjustable Gas Springs

Guden’s Setforce Gas Springs are perfect for those applications that require a simple and cost-effective solution. This Gas Spring is assembled with an adjustable valve, allowing you to reduce the Gas Spring force starting at the maximum pressure up to the series limit.

Setforce Gas Struts are excellent for small-quantity applications, as each Gas Spring is pressurized at the factory, and can be adjusted on-site with no special tools required. They are an excellent choice to determine the P1 force required for an application before ordering standard parts. They are a perfect choice where the weight of the lid or cover varies and you can set a custom pressure for each. With Guden Gas Springs in stock for same-day shipment, you can trust that your application will be up and running in no time.

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Camloc Motion Control Gas Springs

Not sure which Gas Spring is best for your application? Guden supplies gas springs in a variety of sizes, forces, and styles from Camloc Motion Control Gas Springs.

Genuine Camloc parts are made in the UK and offer superior quality for all Gas Spring applications. Guden is a trusted authorized US distributor for Camloc Gas Springs & Dampers, providing the highest quality Gas Struts and Gas Spring Mounting Hardware for your needs, and can be customized for your specifications.

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Standard Dampers

If you’re looking for something with a little more finesse, Guden also supplies hydraulic dampers in both compression and extension. Dampers are supplied with a set orifice and can slow the motion in the extension or compression of the rod with the tube, creating a smooth, quiet operation needed to open and close cabinets and desktops. As each unit is oil-filled with some air, you can be sure of a longer-lasting Damper that will work just as well on the 500th open and close as it did on the first.

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Our Gas Spring Accessories are Designed and Tested to Perform Under the Toughest Conditions


Do you need to mount Gas Springs on your equipment? Gas Spring Brackets are durable and can be mounted in various ways. We offer Gas Spring Brackets in two styles – flat on with a 90-degree angle, depending on your needs.

Our Gas Spring Brackets boast superior strength and stability due to their ribbed structure and mounting holes that provide greater reinforcement against loads.

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Ball Studs

Guden Gas Springs are available with threaded or mounted Ball Studs. Our Ball Studs are constructed of steel for superior strength and durability, ensuring that Gas Spring applications remain secure under tension loads. They’re also available in diverse thread styles and stem lengths to accommodate Gas Spring sizes from 6mm up to 8mm.

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End Fittings (Connectors)

Securely attach Gas Springs to Gas Spring Mounting Hardware with Gas Spring End Fittings. We offer Gas Spring End Fittings in plastic, plain steel, stainless steel, and zinc diecast for maximum performance and durability.

Our Gas Spring Connectors are designed for easy installation on-site and can be adjusted with no special tools required. Gas Spring End Fittings are available in different diameters and thread styles to accommodate Gas Springs of all sizes.

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About Guden

Guden has been supplying Gas Spring solutions for many years, providing our customers with top-quality Gas Struts and Gas Spring accessories. We carefully inspect the parts we sell, ensuring that your Gas Spring application will always perform at its best.

Our experienced customer service department is staffed by long-time, dedicated employees with nearly 20 years of Gas Spring knowledge. We have long-term relationships with customers and vendors, ensuring that all Gas Struts and Gas Spring accessories are of the highest quality.

Guden doesn’t just provide Gas Springs and Gas Spring accessories - we also offer a comprehensive range of industrial hardware for all your needs. We can customize any item with cut-to-length or drilled holes, thread cutting, plating, and more. Our team is here to help you get the perfect custom hinges and hardware for your application.

Our Gas Springs and Gas Spring accessories are of the highest quality, thanks to our Quality Assurance team and ISO 9001-compliant quality system. Whether you’re looking for Gas Spring Connectors, Gas Struts, Gas Shocks, or Gas Spring Mounting Hardware - Guden has it all.

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