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Hinges and Hardware 101 - How to Retain a Hinge Pin

Guden pin retention
Guden pin retention

Pin Retention - How To Keep a Hinge Pin From Falling Out

What is the best way to keep your hinge pin from working its way out of your hinge? Here are 3 common ways to retain your hinge pin:

Staked Pin A simple and inexpensive custom operation that slightly dimples one or more of the hinge knuckles to trap the pin within the knuckles of one leaf. It is a good secure way of retaining the pin, but with some effort you can still drive the pin out past the staking. Some Guden continuous hinges and butt hinges are available from stock with this option as noted in their description

Spun Pin Ends - You've all seen hinges with a slightly flared pin end or ends as well as fancy rounded or formed ends. This completely traps the pin within the hinge knuckles. One of the spun ends would need to be cut or ground off to remove this pin so this is a very secure way of retaining a pin. Most of the standard Guden butt hinges are in stock with spun pin ends as noted in their description.

Welded Pin – Having one end of the pin welded to the end knuckle secures the pin from falling out. This is also a secure way of retaining the pin, but the weld is often fairly visible to the eye. Depending on the weld, it may only take a little effort to break it and the pin can still be driven out.

For even more options and variety, Guden also offers coined pins, splined pins and crimped ends. Click here for more on these operations. Contact a Guden Representative to discuss your pin retention preferences or see our custom hinge form here to upload your request for quotation.