Latch Hinges Combine Hinge & Latch

Latch Hinges Combine Hinge & Latch

Guden offers a variety of Latch hinges listed below.

Latch Hinges
From .875 inches to 3.00 inches long
In plain steel and stainless steel
In stock same day shipments
Custom hinges can be provided

Guden carries a wide selection of Latch hinges for easy door and lid removal. Latch Hinges have a single leaf and a spring-loaded retractable pin to disengage, open or remove a door, gate, lid or cover easily. Each hinge is assembled with a pin with a bent end for easy gripping and movement.

Guden latch hinges are also known as panel hinges, latch bolts, quick-disconnect latch hinges, Latch Hinge Animationsingle leaf latch hinges, and retractable pin hinges.

We have heavy duty latches which are sturdy, strong and durable enough for heavy lid and door requirements. They're also available with a hold back feature, which allows you to rotate the pin into a channel to keep the pin retracted for an easy reassembly.

A full selection of replacement components are also available.

Custom orders are available by either visiting the Guden custom hinge site or contacting our Guden customer service team. Our team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements. If you are looking for a trusted industrial latch hinge supplier for industrial latch bolts, you came to the right place.