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6 ways Guden can help you stay ahead of supply chain issues

Now more than ever, many of us are realizing just how important the on-time deliveries and stock levels of our suppliers have become. As always, Guden remains committed to doing everything possible to ensure that you continue to have the parts you need, when you need them. Here are just some of the options we can offer:

Even Larger Inventory Levels — We have increased the quantities of our normally high inventory levels! Each item category is now constantly reviewed to stay ahead of and anticipate future usage. From our most popular items, to our midlevel and slower sellers there will be more stock to choose from. We know it doesn't do either the customer, or us any good if we don't have something to ship. You can find our entire offering here.

Future Shipping Dates — Place an order today and specify the future date you'd like us to have it shipped. This automatically reserves our stock for your order and locks you in at today's pricing. It also gets the items off your materials report, and who doesn't like a shorter report!

Blanket Orders — Able to forecast or know your future usage? We will gladly take a larger quantity order and schedule the shipments as you need them. For most products, we can typically do this for 3 to 6 months and in some cases and products, even up to a year.

Options Options Options! — Our customer service and sales staff are expertly trained. Let them quickly sift through our product categories and sizes to find you an alternative if something is shipping later than anticipated or is out of stock. With such a broad amount of sizes, we can sometimes send samples to see if a similar item is able to do the job.

Manufacturing Capabilities — Can't wait for a longer automatic production line run for your custom item? Our access to many types of tooling and manufacturing capabilities might be able to help. Many production run custom items can also be produced quickly if modifications can be done to an available stock part. If your need is more urgent, we may also be able to supply you with the stock parts to have you do the modifications inhouse or locally to your facility.

Guden Commitment — For over a century, we have prided ourselves in being not just a supplier, but a partner to our customers and today is no different. Contact your Guden Customer Service Representative to discuss your requirements and come up with a future plan that works best for you. Being proactive helps everyone, so don't be surprised if you get a call from Guden personnel looking to discuss your part usage.

We are in this together and be sure that we will do everything possible to keep you in the parts you need. And together is how we will all get through this unusual supply chain deficit.