Guden dampers are a great way to control the motion of your door, lid or cover. And they're also useful to control the movement of a lever, gear, pedal or linkage mechanism. Each unit is gas filled with some lubricating oil and through a series of chambers and orifices can slow the motion in the extension or compression of the rod with the tube.

Our dampers are available in two basic styles - Compression or Extension. We can also provide specialty dampers with dampening in both directions as a custom run.

Each compression or extension damper is supplied with a set orifice to provide the speed and strength of the damper. And with 5 standard dampening levels available; light, medium light medium, medium heavy and heavy, one is sure to fit your application requirements.

Orifice Plate Damping Identification

Series LightMed
Med Med
Guden supplies two styles of dampers:
Please see our Notes about Safety.

Guden dampers are supplied from stock with threaded ends and select dampers are supplied with ball joint assemblies on each end. If you require different end fittings, you may purchase them separately and we can also supply any damper with the end fittings of your choice already assembled to the unit. Please contact a Guden Customer Service Representative for more information.

Guden also has a wide selection of ball studs and mounting brackets for use with dampers using a ball socket or eyelet style end fitting.

Also see the list of connectors.