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Guden's Motion Control Products

Do you have a lid or door that needs control?

Here's a quick list of Guden's motion control hardware with links to our website pages for more information on each option.

Gas Spring Guru
I Need to control
this motion
Special Features Suggested Hardware
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Assist in lifting a lid Gas Springs
Camloc Gas Springs
Assist in lifting a lid resist corrosion Stainless Steel Gas Springs – Type 316L
Assist in lifting a lid, small fits in tight spots Mini Gas Springs
Assist in lifting a lid, adjustable Adjustable pressure allows self customization Adjustable Gas Springs
Assist in lifting a lid, with lock include locking mechanism Safety Locking Gas Springs
Assist in lifting a lid, with friction stop includes adjustable friction collar Friction Stop Gas Springs
Assist in Opening or Closing a lid adds torque to open or close a door Spring Hinge - Loaded to Open or Close
Slow a lid when closing Compression Damper
Slow a lid when opening Extension Damper
Hold lid in the open position holds lid open Lid Supports
Hold lid in intermittent positions holds lid open in multiple positions Cam Stays

Using Guden’s Motion Control Decision Table

Are you feeling like a lost sailor in a sea of motion control options, unsure of which direction to steer your decision-making ship? Don't fret; we have just the compass you need to navigate the vast realm of possibilities.

Our motion control decision table is like a trusted guide, offering a clear path in selecting the optimal solution for your specific requirements. But that's not all; it goes beyond mere guidance, providing valuable insights and detailed information on each item group. See links in the 3rd column.

So, if you're ready to set sail towards a well-informed decision, brace yourself and prepare to embark on a journey through our motion control decision table.

Benefits of Motion Control Decision Tables

Motion Control Decision Tables offer several benefits that can enhance the efficiency and precision of motion control systems.

One of the advantages of using decision tables in motion control systems is that they provide a structured and organized approach to your decision. Decision tables allow you to define various conditions and corresponding actions, making managing complex motion control processes easier. Using decision tables allows you to streamline your programming efforts, reduce errors, and improve overall system performance.

Furthermore, decision tables improve efficiency in motion control processes by enabling faster decision-making. With decision tables, you can quickly analyze different scenarios and determine the appropriate actions. This not only saves time but also increases the responsiveness of your motion control system.


In conclusion, the motion control decision table is a valuable tool for anyone in need of choosing the right solution for their specific needs.

It provides comprehensive information on various motion control options, such as lid supports, cam stays, dampers, and gas springs.

By using this table, individuals can make an informed decision and find the perfect solution to control the motion of lids in their automation systems.

So, dive into the table and choose the best motion control device for your application!


How Do Environmental Factors, Such as Temperature or Humidity, Affect the Performance and Choice of Motion Control Hardware?

Environmental factors like temperature resilience, humidity sensitivity, and corrosion risk are crucial. They affect your hardware's performance due to material expansion and electrical interference, guiding your choice towards more suitable motion control solutions.

Can Motion Control Options Be Customized for Unique or Non-Standard Applications, and if So, What Is the Process for Customization?

Yes, motion control options can be customized for unique applications. The process includes application assessment, solution design, and testing protocols. You'll face integration challenges, but it ensures your setup meets specific needs perfectly.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Different Types of Motion Control Devices, and How Often Should They Be Inspected or Serviced?

You'll need to follow lubrication schedules, watch for replacement indicators, and use diagnostic tools. Regular inspections or services are crucial. Don't forget about training programs and understanding your warranty coverage for all motion control devices.

How Does the Weight and Size of the Lid or Object Being Controlled Impact the Selection of the Appropriate Motion Control Solution?

You'll find that the weight and size of the lid significantly impact your choice in motion control solutions. Material properties, speed accuracy, force dynamics, control algorithms, and integration challenges all play crucial roles.