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4 Easy Steps to a Guden Custom Hinge

Need a Custom?
Need a Custom?

  1. Choose your design.
    • If you have a drawing, or even a simple sketch, you can send that right to us.
    • If you have an idea, but need a little help with the drawing, our Design Templates are at your disposal.
    • If your idea is still a little rough, and you need some human help, our Customer Service Representatives are happy to work with you.
  2. Guden quotes you a price.
    • We review the drawing to ensure we have all the information necessary to provide a price.
    • We send you a comprehensive price quote.
  3. Need hinge
    design info?
    Check the guru!

  4. Place your order.
    • You provide us with your purchase order.
    • We provide you with a Guden drawing of your hinge, and get your final approval on it.
    • We send you your order confirmation and ship date.
  5. Your parts arrive!
    • Send us a picture of your custom hinge in action! We love to see a successful project.
    • We look forward to working with you again in the future!
Many Custom Hinges
Many Custom Hinges