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Cam-Stays Support the Motion of Lids and Covers


What is a Cam-Stay?

A Cam-Stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay designed to support axial loads up to 250 pounds. They provide quick and steady support and are ideally suited for applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles.  Cam-Stays are simple and reliable, and come in either the basic style or the reversible style. Our Cam-Stays are in stock and ready for same day shipment. To view our entire selection of Cam-Stays, click here

The Benefits of Cam-Stays

  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • User friendly
  • Up to 10 adjustment positions
  • Stops at any holding position

Typical Applications

  • Access Panels
  • Display Panels
  • Signage
  • Machine guards 
  • Storage boxes
  • Site and tool boxes
  • Hospital beds
  • Massage tables

How to Use a Cam-Stay

To operate the Basic stay all you need to do is slightly extend the arm from its closed state until it locates into the desired holding position.To operate the Reversible type stay, extend the arm from its closed position until it locates into the desired holding position. We created the video above to demonstrate how to use both the reversible and basic Cam-Stay. 

All Cam-Stay telescopic positioning stays are universal and can be mounted with the holding slots mounted up or down. You can either mount the Cam-Stays directly to the application through the mounting holes or by mounting brackets.