Wide Selection of Hinges for Industrial Use

It's easy to find the perfect hinge in stock with Guden’s wide selection of industrial hinges. Guden prides itself in stocking a wide range of sizes and materials. Yet, if you can't find the exact specifications you are looking for, our Guden customer service team can help you get the custom hinge you need.

Guden has a broad array of hinge sizes ranging from large to small. For example, our larger continuous (piano) hinges are in stock in lengths from 72 to 96 inches, with open widths ranging from 0.5 to 6.0 inches. While our smaller sized butt hinges are offered in 1.0 to 6.0 inch lengths, with .75 to 6.0 inch open widths.

Guden also stocks a variety of hinges in different materials. Guden carries steel hinges, stainless steel hinges, and aluminum hinges. Yet, not only do we carry metal hinges, but we also carry plastic hinges.

In addition, Guden stocks many Military Specification continuous hinges. When your application requires a special size, custom lengths are available too.

For removable door or lid applications, you’ll appreciate our lines of specialty hinges such as lift off hinges, weld-on hinges, slip joint hinges, flag hinges, spring latch hinges, and un-hinges.

Guden also stocks a wide variety of spring-loaded hinges. All are available in steel and stainless steel, with and without holes. Aluminum is available for custom order.

Other specialty hinges, including cover hinges, concealed hinges, invisible hinges, strap hinges, and bi-fold door hinges are also in stock available for immediate shipment.

Hinges Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Which hinge material has the highest corrosion resistance?

  • Type 316 stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance.
  • Type 302-304 stainless steel offers great corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Aluminum offers adequate corrosion resistance.
  • Plain steel offers almost no corrosion resistance but adding a plating or surface treatment increases its resistance.

How much weight can my hinge hold?

It's difficult to say. As you would expect, the thicker the material of the hinge, the more weight it will bear, but so many other factors come into play for what size hinge to use. The size of the door is just as important as the weight of it. Very wide doors can tend to put extra stress on the hinges.

What is the reason for different knuckle lengths?

There are many reasons discussed for why there are different knuckle lengths but the main reason is related to the thickness of the hinge. Very light hinges typically have a .25" knuckle while very heavy hinges typically have 2.00" knuckles.

Can I get a custom hinge or one made to my print?

It would all depend on what your requirements are, but most requests like this should be submitted to the supplier to review for a quote estimate. It's best if you can start with a standard base hinge and add the operations or requirements from there, but tooling can sometimes be created to meet your exact requirements if they aren't anything close to a standard.

What plating or finishes are available for hinges?

There are quite a few popular plating and surface finishes that hinges can be supplied with.
  • Zinc, Nickel and Chrome plating
  • Passivate, Anodize and Alodine surface treatments
  • Painting and Powder Coating
  • Buffing, Polishing and Burnishing

How long of a hinge can I get?

Most standard continuous hinges are in stock in 6 or 7 foot lengths, with a few heavy duty sizes in 8 foot lengths. As a custom run many hinges can be run even longer than that. In theory, as long as you'd be able to ship it, you could have one of almost any length but a better alternative is to use two or more shorter hinges to achieve the final length needed.

What types of operations can typically be done to a hinge?

  • Cut-to-length - Hinges can easily be cut down to the exact size you require, or of course supplied in a longer length too.
  • Perforations - Holes, slots, obrounds, squares and other shapes can be added to to the leaves.
  • Bends - Single or multiple bends can be done as well, depending on the width and thickness of the leaf.
  • Swaging and offsets - One of both of the leaves can be swaged or offset to a different plane than the standard. This can achieve a closer fit or make a larger gap between the leaves.
  • Corners - Each hinge leaf corner can be clipped or have a radius corner so there is less of a sharp point on each hinge leaf edge.
  • Pin Retention - Welding, staking and spinning the pin ends are all popular ways of making sure the pin is difficult to remove.
  • Self-Clinching Fasteners - Any number of fasteners can be installed into a hinge to make mounting easier.
  • Finishes - Zinc, chrome, and nickel plating, are readily available, as are surface treatments such as passivate, anodize and alodine. Polishing, buffing, burnishing and painting can also be done.