Adjustable Gas Springs (SetForce)

Adjustable Gas Springs (SetForce)
Use to decide on optimal gas spring pressure
Excellent for small quantity applications
In stock for same day shipment
Available with adjustable force and locking feature
Custom sizes available on special order

Guden also has a wide selection of ball studs and mounting hardware as well as a variety of end fittings.

For more information and FAQ please see About Gas Springs. Also see our Notes about Safety and Gas Spring Safety and Design.

You've selected the size and stroke, but are you still having trouble deciding on the optimal gas spring pressure? The Guden SetForce adjustable gas springs are the answer. They are fully pressurized to the maximum force for the gas spring series and is assembled with an adjustable valve so you can reduce the gas spring force.

An instruction sheet and Allen key are included with each SetForce adjustable gas spring so you can safely and efficiently bleed down the pressure to exactly the force that works for your application.

For small quantity requirements, you might want to use the adjusted SetForce adjustable gas strut at the pressure you've set it to. Or you can send it back to Guden for pressure testing and we can move forward to supplying a production order for the size and the pressure you specified. Each gas spring is presurized with nitrogen gas.

Guden also offers specialty gas springs that combine the adjustable feature of a SetForce and the positive locking capability of a SafeLock.

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