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Clipped corner

Clipped leaf corners are sometimes preferred on a hinge for either an aesthetic look, or possibly for keeping the corners of the hinge a little less pointy so they do not catch on or scratch anything or anyone. The operation of clipping off the corners is a little more than just taking a pair of shears and snipping off the corner, but in the scheme of things it really isn't all that much more complicated than that.

Most often, all four of the corners on a hinge are done, but one, two, or even just three of the four corners can be clipped depending on the application.

45° angle

The clipped corner is called out through an angle and a dimension, most commonly a 45° angle as shown but other angles can also be specified. You also need to know how far down the edge of the leaf to start the cut (A), thereby being able to complete the triangle dimensions for the piece of hinge to be removed.

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