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Hinges and Hardware 101 - Bending Hinge Leaves

Guden bent hinge leaf

Most stock hinges have two leaves that lay flat for attaching to another flat surface. But what do you do when you need to mount to two perpendicular surfaces or two surfaces not in the same plane?  Thats when leaf bending comes into play.  Almost any hinge leaf can have one or more bends in it, and the bend doesn't have to just be a 90 degree bend like you see on this slip joint hinge leaf.  Guden has the capability to do just about any bend angle you need to fit your application.  Just submit your drawing or requirements here on our custom product form and we'll get a quotation back to you. 

Hardware Around Town - Ready for Lift Off

Guden lift off hinges

Are you in need of a hinge that allows you to lift off your door like this wall locker box? Guden carries a large selection of these types of hinges. Commonly known as Lift-Off, Slip Joint, Loose Joint and Take-Apart hinges, these two-piece sets let you rotate your door open when connected together. You are able to easily remove the door by separating the hinge halves from each other.  They are available in Right Hand and Left Hand versions and you can watch our video for more information on handing. Click here to see our full line of sizes available in all the popular materials.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - How to Compress a Gas Spring

Guden gas springs

Gas springs are filled with nitrogen and when at rest, that pressurized nitrogen keeps pushing the rod out of the tube. The pressure of gas springs can range from five pounds up to several hundred pounds.  While most people can compress a lower pound pressure spring by hand, you should never try to compress a gas spring to install it.  You should always manually raise your lid or cover to the designed open angle and then connect your gas spring to the mounting points. This is your safest way of installing it and allowing the weight of the cover to compress the spring.  If you need assistance picking the right gas spring and mounting points to use, we're here to help!  Let Guden help guide you to the optimal solution based on your application parameters by using our gas spring selector process

Hardware Around Town - Guden Catch and Strike Sets

Guden Draw Pull Catch and Strike Sets

Two-piece draw pull catch and strike sets are a great way of securing a door, cover or lid in place as soon in this picture.  The catch has a ring of metal that is pulled down and over the strike portion and then clamped down tight to "draw" the door to the frame. They're available from stock in several sizes, and in steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel materials. We also offer them with holes or without. If you're looking for an even tighter fit, you can check out our compression spring catches that are assembled with torsion springs and for more security, we also can supply ones with an arm extension perforated to accept a lock or cable tie to ensure that the catch isn't opened. MS18015 spec government catches are also available from stock.  Check out the entire offering of Guden catch and strike sets here.

Which Style Of Spring-Loaded Hinge Is Best For My Application?

Spring loaded hinges are available in two styles; spring-loaded-to-open and spring-loaded-to-close. They are stocked in plain steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel. You can choose between spring hinges with or without holes. The action words Open and Close should not necessarily be confused with how the door will move because that is dependent on how the hinge is mounted.

Spring-Loaded-To-Open Hinges

have the torsion spring installed to push the hinge leaves away from each other to the open position of the hinge.

Spring-Loaded-To-Close Hinges

have the torsion spring installed to push the hinge leaves towards each other to the closed position of the hinge.

You can see this explained in our video presentation here.

It's important to design your product with the action of the spring pushing on the hinge leaves in mind. Depending on which side of the leaves are being attached to your door and frame will determine which type of spring hinge you will require.

Normally it's best to try to mount your door or frame surface to the side of the leaf that is free of the spring leg. If you do need to mount to the spring leg side, Guden can supply the leaf with an emboss or channel for the spring leg to lay in so it is not crushed during the mounting process or impeded from having good motion and strength.

Guden spring hinges are available in stock in many sizes and strengths and can also be custom made to fit your exact requirements. Check out the full line here.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Dimensioning a slotted hole

Guden slot dimensions

Slots, also known as obrounds or ovals, need to have a dimension to identify their size just like any other perforation. When dimensioning holes, all is needed is the diameter, but how does one call out a slot size?  A slot is really just an elongated hole, so first you'd need to know the hole diameter. Then you can either call out the dimension from center-to-center on the holes making up the ends of the slot or just call out the overall length. Slots are typically made with punching dies. It is helpful if you can use a size that we already have a punch for, but we can certainly offer any size you want with a tooling charge. Click here for more information on slotted holes.

Hinges Around Town - Guden Hinge Paint Clearance

Guden hinge paint clearance

Ever wonder why sometimes you see a different size gaps around the knuckles of a hinge?  The gap is the paint clearance for the hinge and is set at a standard dimension for each hinge size to give enough space for painting. If the painting is too thick, the knuckles will touch the surface of the barrel when the hinge rotates and some of the paint may scrape off.  Definitely not something you want to happen. The hinge in this picture is a great example of a custom paint clearance as it's a very large gap.  Click here for a little more information on this topic.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Staked Pins

Guden hinge staked pin

The pin of the hinge is normally run loose enough for the hinge to turn, but tight enough so that it doesn't just fall out either.  In some applications, the pin can start to work itself out over time and start to stick out the end of the hinge.  So what can you do about it?  There are several ways to prevent it and one of the easiest and quickest ways to retain the pin is to have it staked.  Staking is the process of indenting the hinge knuckle so it presses against the pin as you can see in this picture. This process does prevent the pin from moving, but you can still drive the pin out with a bit of effort just in case you need to take the door off.  You can have one stake or more depending on how difficult you'd like it to be to drive the pin out.  Check out more information on staking and other pin retentions here.

Hinges Around Town - Guden 3 Leaf Hinges

Guden 3 leaf hinges

Some applications need more than just 1 pin and two leaves to allow for a door to swing even wider than usual, or to fold around something.  In some cases, they are mounted so that two different panels can move on the same mounting point like the application shown.  We even have the ability to join multiple hinge leaves with any number of pins to, in theory, even make an entire wall of hinge leaves if you so desire.  Do you have an application that sounds like this?  Submit your custom hinge specifications to us on the Guden Custom Hinge Form here.

What are the 3 most popular ways to mount a hinge?

Having trouble deciding on how to mount your hinge? There are a number of different ways of mounting your hinge depending on your requirements. Here are the three most common methods:


— If your application is a metal hinge on a metal frame and door, you can choose to mount the hinge by welding. For a fillet weld, as shown here or for a spot weld, you won't need to have holes in your hinge or on the mounting surfaces. Some might not consider welding as aesthetically pleasing or desirable if the application is visible or more decorative but you can have holes punched in the leaf and do a plug weld which is a neater look. Welding is a very secure mounting and you will have a great deal of trouble if you need to remove the door.

Standard Fasteners

Fastened Hinge — Putting holes or slots in your hinge, door and frame will allow for using separate fasteners like bolts or screws to mount your hinge. You do need to take care about lining up the holes and using the right size hardware. A nut may be required if your screw is being used in a non-threaded hole. Most standard fasteners also allow for easy removal or you can also choose riveting or non-removable type screws for more security against tampering.

Self-Clinching Fasteners

Self-Clinching Fasteners — A popular brand of built-in fasteners is from Penn Engineering Manufacturing or more commonly known as PEM. There are also many other brands of self-clinching fasteners that can be supplied already installed on your hinge. Both threaded studs and threaded inserts are available in hundreds of sizes. Using these will reduce the amount of extra hardware you need to worry about and can speed up the mounting process.

Almost all Guden hinges are available from stock without holes for welding applications, with many also available with a standard hole patterns to use with standard fasteners. If one of our stock patterns doesn't fit your application or you'd like your hinges supplied with self clinching fasteners, Guden can easily supply them to your exact specifications as a custom run. Check out our entire line of hinges, and use our custom hinge form to submit your application for quotation.

Hinges and Hardware 101- Guden Heavy Duty Hinges

Guden heavy duty hinges

Larger weights and high security applications often require heavy duty hinges and Guden has plenty of them right on shelf for immediate shipment. Take for instance the outdoor ATM unit shown here.  You would definitely want a thickness and pin that can withstand some tampering and abuse.  Available in steel, stainless and aluminum and many are in stock in thicknesses of 14 gauge all the way up to 7 gauge, with even heavier gauges supplied on a custom run.  Choose from continuous lengths, butt hinges and spring latch hinges too.  Check out the entire line here.

Hardware Around Town - Guden Strap and T Hinges

Guden strap and t hinges

It's their gleaming shiny finish that gets Guden strap and T hinges noticed! Each hinge has a smaller leaf for the frame and a longer leaf to support any large door or cover. They're supplied in stainless steel for outdoor durability and polished for a decorative look as you can see in this picture. Check out all the available Guden sizes and styles here.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Unequal Leaf Hinges

Guden unequal leaf hinges

Most standard hinges have leaves that are the same length but what about applications that would benefit from one leaf being a different size than the other?  That's when a hinge with unequal leaves would be needed like shown here.  Just specify what hinge leaf dimensions you require and Guden can custom run the exact size that you need.  Click here to submit your specifications on our custom hinge form.

Hinges Around Town - Custom Guden Hinge Shapes

Guden custom hinge shapes

Don't be a square,  or a rectangle too for that matter. Tired of all the standard hinge shapes?  Guden has your answer! Laser cutting has now allowed for almost any shape or cut-out imaginable on your hinge.  Just look at the intricate curves and holes on this fancy gate hinge.  Challenge Guden with your most creative or decorative design by quickly and easily submitting your specification drawing here

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Springing Into Action - Guden

Guden spring latch hinges

Searching for hardware to keep a door or lid shut is easy. And finding a product that allows for a quick opening is just as simple! Check out the Guden spring latch line. Each is assembled with a pin that is spring-loaded to keep it in the extended position. One end of the pin is bent for gripping to retract the pin so you can release the lid or cover. We offer many different sizes, in steel, stainless and plated steel too. Some are even available with a rubber tip for a better grip and others have a hold-back feature to keep the pin in the retracted position. Check out the entire line of Guden spring latches here.

Hardware Around Town-Choosing the Best Handle or Pull-Guden

Guden handles and pulls

Choosing the wrong type of handle or pull for your application could just have you end up with this situation!  Many factors should be reviewed before selecting the handle. What strength does it need. Does mounting with screws from the front make better sense than a tapped hole rod pull type?  Maybe welding the handle to the surface?  With so many choices, it's no wonder that people sometimes pick the wrong type.  Check out all the handles and pulls that Guden has to offer here.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Full Knuckles VS. Partial Knuckles

Guden continuous hinges

Continuous hinges are supplied in several different knuckle length sizes. From .25" knuckles to .50", .625 , the rare .75" and then 1" and 2" knuckles for most of your more heavy duty hinges.  Our stock hinges are always supplied in lengths divisible by the knuckle length, but you can also get them supplied in the length of your choice, or cut them down in your own facility. 

We always recommend that the cutting be done in a size that is equally divisible by the knuckle length because it makes for a nicer neater cut, and is usually more aesthetically pleasing to look at. 
Take this hinge shown here which has one partial knuckle on one end.  I can see it's slightly deformed from cutting through the knuckle, and it draws the eyes of most hinge enthusiasts because it's not uniform in size with the rest of the knuckles. And who would want to draw unwanted attention to their hinges?    
Check out the full range of Guden continuous hinges and the knuckle sizes available here

HSI: Case of the Not so Invisible Gas Spring - Guden

Guden black nitride gas springs

Gas springs without black nitrided rods?  How 2000's! " Detective H.A, thought to himself as he spied the lid on this box.  He certainly didn't need any more clues as to what was assisting and holding this cover open on its own as the gleaming chrome rod was very easy to spot. He knew black nitrided rods were so much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and let the gas spring almost disappear from view.  H.A. even knew how much more environmentally friendly black nitrided rods are over chrome rods.  His next assignment was going to be to finding the designer of this box to show him his choices.  Are you looking for gas springs with black nitrided  rods?  Click here to see the huge selection.

Hardware Around Town - Guden Rod Pulls

Guden Rod Pulls

A great looking rod pull is the perfect addition to any door. I spied this stainless steel handle on this glass door and it made me think of the several ways a handle would mount in an application. Is it a surface mount where the handle is welded ? Is it screwed down from the front of the door?
Or maybe are the screws hidden and it's mounted through threaded holes in the rod pull like the application shown here. You can find all the different Guden handle and rod pull styles here:

Gas Spring vs. Spring Hinge - Guden

Selecting the product that works perfectly in your application sometimes requires reviewing different items that have very similar functions, but have different attributes to offer. Gas springs and spring hinges are two of those items. While they are two very different products, they both provide motion and each can hold a lid, door or cover in a position So which one is right for your application?

Gas Spring and Spring Hinge Applications

Gas springs can be used in any application that has a door, lid or cover that requires an assist in opening and holding in the open position. Vehicle doors, cabinetry, equipment hoods, trunk lids, and enclosure covers are just a few examples for where they can be found. While the typical application is on a horizontal lid, they can also be used on a vertical door for a side to side motion. Spring hinges can also be used in any application that has a door, lid or cover that needs to be pushed open, or held closed without assistance. These doors are typically smaller in size and weight as the force is limited to the strength of the torsion spring. Most often used in a vertical mount door, they can be used on a horizontal door as well.
Guden Gas Springs Gas Springs are a piston and rod assembly that is filled with pressurized gas and a small amount of lubrication and damping oil.
  • A one piece unit requiring ball studs or brackets for mounting
  • Painted steel or stainless steel construction
  • Application typically also requires a hinge on the door
  • Mounting can be designed to hold door in open and/or closed position so no additional catches or supports are needed
  • Often requires operator to assist the lid opening until gas spring takes over
  • Additional styles available: Locking gas springs, Friction stop gas springs, Miniature gas springs
  • Wide range or gas spring pressures allow for use on very light to very heavy doors
  • Also known as Gas Struts, Gas Pistons, Gas Shocks
  • How to mount a gas spring
Guden Spring Hinges Spring Hinges are a standard hinge with one or more knuckles removed and replaced with a torsion spring.
  • A one piece unit: with holes requires screws for mounting, or blank for welding
  • Spring-loaded-to-open or spring-loaded-to-close versions
  • Depending on how they are mounted, can be used to open or close a door
  • Typically used on vertical doors, but can be used on horizontal lids or covers too
  • Work best on light to medium light weight doors
  • Will push hinge leaf without requiring an outside force so may require a catch or latch to keep in desired position
  • Steel, plated steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Torsion spring strength can be adjusted by adding more springs or increasing strength of each spring
  • Doesn't require additional space inside cabinet for mounting
  • Provides immediate motion to the door upon release

Still having trouble deciding? We're here to help! Contact one of our Customer Service Specialists at 1-800-3HINGES or to discuss your application. Check out these, and more products on! And for even more information, check out our Guden Blog, as well as our Youtube videos.

Hinges and Hardware 101 - Corrosion resistance - Guden

Guden plastic hinges

Corrosion resistance is a concern for many hinge applications and many will opt for stainless steel or aluminum materials as they will resist rust adequately in most situations. Another option is plastic. Hinges made of plastic nylon resist corrosion and are also lightweight, non-conductive and decorative. Of course they aren't as strong and sturdy as metal, but they can support many medium and light duty applications. Check out all the standard plastic hinge sizes Guden has to offer HERE

Case of the Reversed Hinge Leaves - Guden

Reverse assembly Guden hinge

Detective H.A. Wasn't quite sure what to make of this hinge he spied underneath an adjustable seat on a plane.  At first glance, it looked like a regular hinge but with further investigation, he saw the leaves weren't in the same plane as they usually would be! What could cause this, he pondered, as he checked his notes on leaf orientations. With the leaves assembled reverse of what they normally would be, each leaf was on opposite sides of the pin instead of the same side. Why would someone do this? To allow for more rotation of the hinge? Or maybe they needed the offset between the leaves for the mounting? It was a bit of a mystery that might need more exploring.

Hinges Around Town - Strange Slip - Guden

Guden custom slip joint hinge

No matter where you are, you should always keep a look out for hinges!  Sometimes they're in a hidden spot, but sometimes, like this cover on a iced beverages cart, you'll find some right out in the open.  For some reason, this designer wanted the hinge to mount on the top surface and the inside surface as I could see from the extra wide hinge bent leaves.  Maybe he could have saved a little money by just using a standard slip joint on the side surfaces, but this arrangement seemed to pull the lid slightly off to the side which led me to believe maybe they didn't want someone catching themselves or anything else on it? One thing's for sure,  Guden can create a custom slip joint hinge like this, or to your specifications easily!  Hinge Customizations | Glossary | Guden Custom Hinges

Hinges and Hardware 101 - corners - Guden

Guden custom hinges

Most people know hinges to have standard square corners, but a corner doesn't have to just be a corner. Here are two common custom operations that can be done to a regular corner.  1. Clipped Corners give you a triangular cut out while 2. Radius Corners give you a rounded feature.  Both help eliminate something catching or snagging on the pointy hinge corner and add a little bit of a decorative touch. You can read more information on these features here.

HSI: Hardware Scene Investigation- Case of the Missing Pin

Guden pin retention

It was late evening at a roadside diner when Detective H.A. had an odd feeling.  He scoped around a bit, and then spotted it.  Following a trail of paper towel scraps, they brought him to this horrible sight -a hinge with a missing pin. A former shell of itself, all that remained of the hinge was just a half leaf left lifeless.  H.A. knew very well that without the proper pin retention, a pin can be pulled, pushed, or even dragged out of a hinge, but who could have let this happen?  Was it staked? Had there been a crimped end? Maybe signs of a spun end or two? He quickly referred to his notes on Pin Retention and found no evidence that anyone had taken steps to prevent this hinge tragedy.  If only they had viewed the Pin Retention Case Video, he thought, this situation could have been avoided. 

Why is paint clearance important? - Guden

Guden Hinges and Hardware

Paint clearance is the normal gap left between the knuckle and the barrel of the hinge when it is made. It's used as a guideline for the thickness of the painting or plating applied to the hinge surface.  Most professional finishers will ensure that they are within the guideline, but if they don't, the error is usually quite obvious.  See here for more information: paint clearance | Anatomy of Hinges | Glossary (

Now you see them, Now you don't! - Guden

Soss Invisible Hinges are the perfect product for when you need a concealed hinge.  Decorative and strong, they're mounted within the door and frame for a minimal gap, and when the door is closed, the hinge is hidden from view.  Available in dozens of sizes and finishes, with styles for both wood and metal cabinets.  See the full line here:  Soss Hinges.

Custom Hinges are a Guden Specialty!

Hinge Guru

When one of our stock products just doesn't do the trick, Guden can quickly and easily supply your exact requirement.  Choose from our long list of customizations:  holes, slots, and self-clinching fasteners, cut-to-length, bends, special widths and so many more.  

Upload your specifications  here.  Or let our Hinge Guru guide you!

Mortise mount butt hinges - Guden

Mortise mount butt hinges

Guden's mortise-mount butt hinges are swaged to provide a tighter fit between door and frame.  Often mounted in a mortise, the result is a closer fitting door.

Five sizes are available, with both spun-tight pin, and removable pin.  All have countersink holes for flat head screws, and are available in plain steel and Zinc plated steel.

Summer is for Boat Hinges! - Guden

It's summertime and its the perfect time to upgrade your boat hinges. Guden has a wide variety of boat hinges in stock and ready to ship. Guden hinges are high quality and affordable. 

It is time to stop paying the brick and mortar fee. Guden can ship these hinges to you at a fraction of the price of  major retail boating stores. 

Piano Hinges with Holes - Guden

Piano hinge with holes

Need some continuous hinge with holes fast? See here
  • In stock, ships today
  • Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Plain, brass or nickel finishes
  • Standard hole patterns
  • customized to requirements.

Huge Selection of Piano Hinges & Continuous Hinges - Guden

Are you looking for long hinges? You have come to the right place! Guden has a huge selection of long hinges in a variety of lengths and sizes. Our hinge lengths range from 4 inches to 96 inches. 

Our long hinges are also known as piano hinges and continuous hinges. Our piano hinges are a best seller at Guden because we have a great selection and competitive prices.

They are available in aluminum, plain steel, stainless steel, polished stainless as well as other pre-plated options.  Our piano hinges can be ordered with or without holes and staking. 

To make things simple, we created a page for our customers to use who are looking for long hinges of a particular size. Please use our piano hinge filter tool. The tool is easy to use and customer friendly. 

Sail away this summer with Boat Hardware - Guden

What is better than a day at sea with the sun shining and wind in your hair? Summer is almost here and we can't wait. Here at Guden, we love being a part of these special moments at sea. Did you know that Guden carries marine hardware? 

 Guden has a large variety of marine hinges that are perfect for boat applications. Guden marine hinges include 316 stainless steel boat hinges, aluminum boat hinges, stainless steel boat hinges, strap hinges, T-hinges, lift off hinges, weld-on bullet hinges, butt hinges and piano hinges. 

 Our Marine hinges are very affordable compared to our competitors. We offer same day shipping to get these hinges to you quickly and conveniently. These hinges are strongly corrosion resistant.

Spring is Here! And We've Got Spring Hinges - Guden


It's finally Spring! The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and we're celebrating with our huge selection of Spring Hinges

Did you know that Guden has the largest selection of Spring Hinges anywhere? Just like the many flowers popping up this season, our Spring hinges come in a wide variety of styles and types. 

We stock them in both spring-loaded-to-open and spring-loaded-to-close versions. You can get them with and without holes. They are available in steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel and aluminum. 

We have what you are looking for. Check out our selection or request a custom to meet your exact needs. 

What is a Gas Spring - Guden

Gas Spring Definition:

(noun) A motion control device that offers controlled raising of an object with the use of gas pressure.

Gas Spring Synonyms

Gas Springs can be called many different things. There can sometimes be confusion about what a gas spring is due to the multitude of different names. Gas springs can be called gas struts, gas spring lifts, gas props, gas shocks and more.

The Difference between a Gas Spring and Damper

People looking for Gas Springs tend to either want a gas spring or a damper. Dampers assist in closing at a controlled speed. Dampers reduce speed with no added force. For more information on our dampers, please see our entire selection of extension and compression dampers.

Guden has a wide selection of Gas Springs

Guden gas springs are the perfect product to help control the motion of your lid, door or cover. Each pair is capable of helping keep the lid in the closed position, aid in lifting, and then holding the lid in the open position. Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas and contains a small amount of lubricating oil within the cylinder.

Different Types of Guden Gas Springs

Guden gas springs have competitive pricing, great quality, are stocked and available for same day shipping.

4 Easy Steps to a Guden Custom Hinge

Need a Custom?

  1. Choose your design.
    • If you have a drawing, or even a simple sketch, you can send that right to us.
    • If you have an idea, but need a little help with the drawing, our Design Templates are at your disposal.
    • If your idea is still a little rough, and you need some human help, our Customer Service Representatives are happy to work with you.
  2. Guden quotes you a price.
    • We review the drawing to ensure we have all the information necessary to provide a price.
    • We send you a comprehensive price quote.
  3. Need hinge
    design info?
    Check the guru!

  4. Place your order.
    • You provide us with your purchase order.
    • We provide you with a Guden drawing of your hinge, and get your final approval on it.
    • We send you your order confirmation and ship date.
  5. Your parts arrive!
    • Send us a picture of your custom hinge in action! We love to see a successful project.
    • We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Free CAD models at Guden - Make Designing Easy

Here at Guden we pride ourselves on making industrial hardware easy. We know designing any product into your application is a lengthy process.

Downloadable CAD files can save you a lot of time in the design process. For this reason Guden offers both 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models for most of our major product lines including continuous hinges, slip and butt hinges, and gas springs and dampers.

To find one of our CAD Models:

Simply visit our website,

Browse our huge selection of stock products which are ready for same day shipment.

Next, select the product you are interested in.

Then click on the item number. After, go to the item information section and click on the 3D CAD model button. Choose the model format of your choice (IGES, STEP, ParaSolid). Lastly click download.

The CAD files are available in Parasolid, STEP, and IGES and are easily imported into all major CAD systems such as:

• AutoCAD • SolidWorks • Alibre Design • Catia • I-Deas • Unigraphics • Pro-Engineer • Solid Edge • KeyCreator (CADKey) • IronCAD • think3

Power Box with Barrel Hinges - Guden

barrel hinge power box

Have you ever seen a Barrel hinge?

Barrel hinges are a type of weld on hinge and are perfect for applications that require welding and door removal. They have a smooth appearance for welding due to their leafless hinge. Also, they easily slip apart so you can remove the door from its enclosure. 

Here we see a barrel hinge on a power box. This is a great application to use barrel hinges because the hinges allow you to completely remove the door in case you need to conduct maintenance on the power box. You can also find them on a variety of applications including cab enclosures, metal cabinets, toolboxes, safety containers, gates, doors and safes. 

Guden has a selection of barrel hinges in stock and ready for same day shipment. Browse our selection and competitive prices!

Cam-Stays Support the Motion of Lids and Covers - Guden


What is a Cam-Stay?

A Cam-Stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay designed to support axial loads up to 250 pounds. They provide quick and steady support and are ideally suited for applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles.  Cam-Stays are simple and reliable, and come in either the basic style or the reversible style. Our Cam-Stays are in stock and ready for same day shipment. To view our entire selection of Cam-Stays, click here

The Benefits of Cam-Stays

  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • User friendly
  • Up to 10 adjustment positions
  • Stops at any holding position

Typical Applications

  • Access Panels
  • Display Panels
  • Signage
  • Machine guards 
  • Storage boxes
  • Site and tool boxes
  • Hospital beds
  • Massage tables

How to Use a Cam-Stay

To operate the Basic stay all you need to do is slightly extend the arm from its closed state until it locates into the desired holding position.To operate the Reversible type stay, extend the arm from its closed position until it locates into the desired holding position. We created the video below to demonstrate how to use both the reversible and basic Cam-Stay. 

All Cam-Stay telescopic positioning stays are universal and can be mounted with the holding slots mounted up or down. You can either mount the Cam-Stays directly to the application through the mounting holes or by mounting brackets.

Gas Spring Cross Reference - Finding Your Gas Spring - Guden

call 800-344-6437 for help

Let us help you find a match! With our wide variety, we can often find a gas spring in stock that matches the one you are looking for, or comes very close. 

Please provide as much information as you can on the form to the right. The more information the better.  You can also upload a photo an existing label using the form at right..

Data to include if available:
  • Quantity required (ex: need 20 Gas Springs)
  • Brand name (ex: Guden)
  • Part number (ex: GGN20-060-C)
  • Rod diameter (ex: 0.32 in or 8mm)
  • Tube diameter (ex: .71  in  or 18mm)
  • P1 force (ex: 60 lbs or 265N)
  • Extended length  (ex: 9.6 in or 244mm)
  • Minimum stroke (ex: 3.25 in or 83mm)
  • End fittings (ex: "C" connector)
  • Mounting Hardware (ex: L bracket)

Complete the form and leave it to us, we'll get back to you pronto.  Or call us at 800-344-6437.

Feel free to use the drawing below as an example to help you describe the different specifications of your gas spring.

Custom Hinge Experts - Guden


Since 1920, Guden has been helping people get the perfect custom hinges and hardware that they need. We have years of experience and expertise in this sector. We care about your specific project and know the key factors that help keep a custom hinge's cost down and the quality up.

Depending on your situation, you may want to modify a stocked hinge, add secondary operations to a custom run hinge, or manufacture a brand new custom hinge. Either way, our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help answer any questions you may have throughout the process. 
For immediate help with your custom hinge project, please visit our design guidelines. Or you can contact our customer service team, and we will get back to you during our business hours. 

Selecting the Right Hinge for Your Application - Guden

Types of Hinges

Guden works hard to provide a broad selection of hinges for our wide range of customers. We know that with so many options, it may be difficult choosing which hinge is right for you and your application. We decided to create this video to help present the different types of hinges available to you. 

We also have a section of our website dedicated to helping you choose the right hinge for your application. Please check out our types of hinges page. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team who is ready to assist you. 

Sachem Aftershock Competes at World Championships

Detroit FIRST Championships

Sachem Robotics Team 263, Sachem Aftershock, competed at the FIRST World Championships in Detroit from April 25th to April 28th.
 Aftershock was one of 67 teams in the Curie Subdivision and was ranked 22nd after the Qualification Matches, which placed them as one of the top two ranked Long Island teams that attended the Championships.
 Attending the competition was an amazing experience for the team members, mentors and family members that traveled to the event.

Brand New Plastic Hinges - Guden

Plastic Hinges

Introducing the New Line of Plastic Hinges

Our new and improved plastic hinge line is better than ever!

Guden is excited to announce the introduction of our new  Plastic Butt Hinges. The lightweight, low cost, and corrosion resistant nylon 6 plastic hinges are a great choice for marine and other transportation applications. Our plastic hinges come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Our New Plastic Hinges

Low Cost - Nylon 6 plastic hinges are less expensive than comparable metal hinges.

Corrosion Resistant - Nylon 6 plastic hinges are resistant to oils and grease. They do not corrode in sea water, are non conductive and have no galvanic reactions.

Lightweight - The nylon 6 plastic material weighs as little as more expensive aluminum metal hinges, making them great for transportation applications like marine, automotive and aerospace industries where you would be concerned about fuel efficiency and weight.

Attractive - The black surface has a fine pebbled finish that looks trim and neat.

Smooth action - The nylon 6 bearing surfaces offer low friction with no need for lubrication.

Also Check Out Our Plastic Piano Hinges

Our plastic piano hinges are another popular choice. These hinges are also known as plastic continuous hinges and polyhinges. They are extremely durable and have been tested through over one million flexes without failure. They are also lightweight, low cost, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant. 

We have a wide variety of plastic continuous hinges. Our standard lengths are 36'', 77'' or 1200'' coils. Our standard widths are 1'', 1.5'', 2'' and 3''. The plastic hinges come in gray, white and black. They can be cut to any length. Just let us know the open width, color, quantity and length needed.  

Huge Selection of Hasps and Staples - Guden

Did you know that Guden has a huge selection of hasps and staples in stock and ready for same day shipment? Hasps and staples are perfect for securing the closure of a lid or door. 

How To Use A Hasp and Staple

Hasps and staples are very simple to use. The hasp has a slit to allow for the staple loop to come through and enables a lock to be placed around the staple loop. Once a lock is in place, the hasp and staple is secured and the lid remains closed. Upon removal of the lock, the hasp and staple can separate to open the lid. 

Sizes and Styles

Guden has a variety of sizes and materials in stock. Our hasps range from about 2 inches in overall length to about 9 inches overall length. Our staples range from .86 inches to 1.5 inches in overall length. Additional sizes may be ordered as a custom

As for material, the hasps and staples come in aluminum, stainless steel, and plain steel. Our stainless steel hasps and staples are electro polished for an extra decorative finish. 

Wagner casters on clearance sale

Casters on Sale

We need warehouse space, so we're clearing out our stock of genuine Wagner casters.

These parts are going for a fraction of cost -- we need the shelves!

1F2304B26000197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2305B26000197 Caster 5x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2306027000199 Caster 6x1-1/2 PLRG Zinc
1F2804B26000197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc
1F2804B26002197 Caster 4x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc BK
1F2806027002199 Caster 6x1-1/2 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F2905B26002110 Caster 5x1-1/2 POSW Zinc BK
1F2906B26002110 Caster 6x1-1/2 POSW Zinc Bk
1F5307709000197 Caster 2-1/2x1-3/4 PLRG Zinc
1F5803438HD0197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803438HD01AM Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803709000197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F5803709002197 Caster 3x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F5807709000197 Caster 2-1/2x1-3/4 PLSW Zinc
1F6303P260001AM Caster 3x1 PLRG Zinc
1F6304P26000100 Caster 4x1 PLRG Zinc
1F8806C2508P190 Caster 6x2 PLSW Zinc Bk
1F9303009000100 3 X 1 1/4 RIGID CASTER
1F9303B26000100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
1F9305B260001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
1F9307009000100 2 1/2 X 1 1/8 SPARTAN CASTER
1F9354B26000198 Caster 4x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
2F6803027000100 Caster 3x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6803P260001AM Caster 3x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6804027002100 Caster 4x1 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F6804P26000100 Caster 4x1 PLSW Zinc
2F6805004002100 Caster 5x1 PLSW Zinc BK
2F6903P26002161 Caster 3x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F6904P26002161 Caster 4x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F6905P26002110 Caster 5x1 POSW Zinc Bk
2F9803009002100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F9803B26000100 Caster 3x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
2F9805B260001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
2F9805B260021AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc Bk
2F9807009002100 Caster 2-1/2x1-1/8 PLSW Zn Bk
2F9903004000105 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zn
2F9903B26000101 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zinc
2F9903B26002104 Caster 3x1-1/4 POSW Zinc Bk
2F9904B26002104 Caster 4x1-1/4 POSW Zinc BK
2F9905B26002106 Caster 5x1-1/4 POSW Zinc BK
3F0344B250001AM Caster 4x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
3F0349B270001AM Caster 3-1/2x1-1/4 PLRG Zinc
3F08B4B250001AM Caster 4x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
3F08B5B250001AM Caster 5x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
3F08B9B270001AM Caster 3-1/2x1-1/4 PLSW Zinc
4F8305438000190 Caster 5x2 PLRG Zinc
4F880543800F190 Caster 5x2 PLSW Zinc TL

What is a Piano Hinge? - Guden

A piano hinge is a type of hinge known for its long length and is typically one to six inches wide and six feet long or longer. People tend to refer to these hinges as "piano hinges" because they are known for supporting the lid of the popular musical instrument -- the piano. Yet the technical name of these hinges is actually "continuous hinges". 

Benefits of Piano Hinges 

Piano hinges distribute weight and stress in a uniform fashion, are easy to install and align and can handle a great deal of wear and tear.  They also can be cut to length to meet the exact need of your application. 

Types of Piano Hinges 

Guden has a wide array of piano hinges. Some of the common lengths of piano hinges are six foot, seven and eight foot lengths, although shorter and longer lengths are also possible. They come in many different types of materials including: 

How To Make Hinges - Making A Custom Hinge - Guden

Interested in how to make hinges? Maybe you are interested in the anatomy of hinges and how they work or maybe you need a very specific type of hinge that is hard to find. 

Well lucky for you, we can supply an entirely customized hinge to meet your exact specifications. These custom hinges will be manufactured and quality inspected to your specific requirement. This will save you time and our knowledgeable customer service team will help you to work through the process of getting the perfect hinge.

Making your own hinges from scratch is time consuming and expensive.  Guden has been supplying custom hinges since 1920. We have the expertise, material variety and operational capabilities you need for success. Our prices are competitive, our quality is tested and assurance, and our delivery times are great.  
No matter what you need, our customer service team can assist you.  So don't bother with how to make hinges yourself, let Guden do the work. Please fill out one of our forms, or call 1-800-3-HINGES

What is a Gas Strut - Guden

Gas Strut

Many people tend to be confused about the differences between gas struts, dampers, gas springs, gas shocks and other words used to describe similar products. Sometimes these terms are even used interchangeably. In order to make sure that you are purchasing the right product, carefully examine the different functions of products that people sometimes call "gas struts."

Gas Spring

Gas Springs are found in a variety of applications like office chairs, overhead cabinets, food equipment, manufacturing equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive equipment and more! Gas springs are great for helping control the motion of your lid, door or cover. The gas spring can help keep the lid in the closed position, aid in lifting, and hold the lid in the open position. Gas springs are pressurized with nitrogen gas and contain a small amount of lubricating oil within the cylinder.


Dampers are another great way to control the motion of your door, lid or cover. In addition, they're also useful to control the movement of a lever, gear, pedal or linkage mechanism. Each damper is filled with gas and a small amount of lubricating oil. Through a series of chambers and orifices, the movement of gas can slow the motion in the extension or compression of the rod with the tube.

Dampers are available in two basic styles - Compression or Extension. Compression dampers slow the movement of when the damper compresses together. On the other hand, extension dampers slow the motion of a damper when it extends. There is also the option of specialty dampers with dampening in both directions as a custom run.

* Be careful when purchasing struts and shocks because they can be filled with either oil, gas or both*


A strut is used as one of the components of a vehicles suspension. The suspension is the system of parts that connect the vehicles wheels to the rest of the car. The major functions of a vehicles suspension are to support the vehicle, absorb impact from road irregularities like bumps and potholes and to allow the vehicle to turn the wheels. A strut is involved with helping all these major functions.

A strut is made of two parts, a spring and a shock absorber. The spring is usually a coil spring which is spiral shaped. The spring supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs the shock of major bumps. The shock absorber also can support the weight of the vehicle but its main function is to dampen the vibrations that occur after major shock. For example, it stops the vehicle from bouncing up and down after a bump.

Shock absorber

Shocks are also used in vehicle suspensions. Although shocks and struts are similar, they are different. Therefore they should not be used interchangeably. Thus, a shock cannot be used to replace a strut and a strut cannot be used to replace a shock. The main difference between the two parts is that a strut is a structural part of a vehicles suspension, where a shock is not. A shock is meant to dampen the vibrations that occur when your vehicle hits major bumps in the road like pot holes.

shock strut PC: Alko Shocks

Gas Strut Conclusion

A gas strut can mean a variety of different products. If you are searching for a "gas strut," you may be looking for a gas spring or damper since they are filled mainly with gas. Guden has a large variety of gas springs and dampers in stock and ready for same day shipping. Prices for the gas springs and dampers are competitive and our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the gas springs and dampers. Please note that Guden does not sell struts and shock absorbers for vehicles.  

What is a Butt Hinge - The "Classic" Door Hinges - Guden

Butt Hinges

  • a type of hinge that is attached to the abutting surface of a door or lid.
 Butt hinges are one of the most popular hinges used today. When you look at most commercial doors, you will probably see a butt hinge supporting the door. These hinges are usually about 6 inches in length or shorter. They are installed for a variety of different applications and have many uses. 

A butt hinge is composed of two hinge leaves. One is usually attached to a fixed component such as a wall or door jamb and the other is attached to a moving component such as a door. These hinges are usually mortised or recessed into both surfaces.  The pin secures the leaves together and allows for movement. 

Most butt hinge pins are removable to allow for door removal, but some are non removable for security purposes. Check out our selection of removable pin butt hinges.

A more secure solution than the removable butt hinges are butt hinges with staked pins. Staked pins hold tight, but with some effort the pin can be driven out and removed. We have a huge selection of butt hinges with staked pins.

A great solution for secure hinges is choosing a butt hinge with pins spun on both ends. This pin will not go anywhere unless you grind off one of the spun ends. Browse our selection of nonremovable butt hinges.

Some butt hinges can even contain springs to allow for a supported opening or closure. Review our selection of spring butt hinges

Need a customization? We can provide a variety of customization options ranging from plating, holes, cut to lengths, bends, offsets and more! Butt hinges can be drilled and supplied with whatever hole pattern you choose. For more information regarding custom butt hinges, visit our customization page. 

How to Take Off Door Hinges - Removing Door Hinges - Guden

Removable Door Hinges

Need to take a door off its hinges?  There could be many reasons why you would need to take a door off its hinges. For example, maybe you need to test operations or conduct maintenance on a mechanical or electrical door. Either way, the flexibility of being able to easily remove a door is a great design feature.
Unfortunately separating ordinary hinges can be a problem. Removing ordinary hinges requires detaching the secured pin. Even when the pin is designed to be "loose" as in an ordinary houshold doors, pins can be difficult to remove. 

Luckily there is an easier alternative to the ordinary hinges. Choose from one of our specialty removable hinges. Our lift-off hinges have features built in that enable you to lift off a door without the process of removing a hinge pin. We have a wide variety of lift off hinges including:

Block hinges -  These hinges have a smooth block appearance. They also have holes for mounting purposes.

Weld on hinges - These hinges can support heavy applications and are meant to be welded on.

Slip Joint Hinges - Slip joint hinges come in female and male parts. The male slip joint hinge is shown left and the female hinge is shown on the right.

Flag hinges-  These hinges were named after their flag-like shape. We have a variety of different types of flag hinges to support a number of different applications.

Two other alternatives to lift off hinges are the unhinge and the latch hinge. These hinges are removable due to their latching mechanisms and don't rely on gravity to hold the hinge together. 

The Unhinge - view our entire selection of quick release unhinges. These hinges have double sided latch action.

Latch Hinge - view our entire selection of latch hinges. These hinges have single sided latch action.

What is a Hasp? Locking Hasps and Staples - Guden

Hasps and Staples

  •  A hinged clasp used for securing a door, lid, etc. Hasps usually pass over a staple and are fastened by a pin or a padlock.
  • A metal fastening hinge consisting of a strap with a slot that fits over a staple and is secured by a pin, bolt, or padlock
Verb (used with object)
  • To fasten and secure with or as with a hasp.
  • (transitive) to secure a door, window, etc. with a hasp

Guden has a large selection of both hasps and staples in stock and ready for same day shipment. These items are sold separately. 

These hasps come in a variety of material including: 
1. electro-polished stainless steel
2. plain steel  
3. aluminum 

Hasps and staples are great for a variety of applications but they are best known for security. Hasps and staples are compatiable with lockers, doors, lids, hatches, cabinets, and more!

They are available with and without holes for mounting purposes. Yet any item can be custom drilled and supplied with whatever hole pattern you choose. For more information regarding custom hasps and staples, visit our customization page. 

Huge Hinges - Guden

Huge Hinge

Guden has a wide variety of hinges of all shapes, styles and sizes to meet your needs. Our larger hinges can accommodate heavy duty applications. To get a heavy duty hinge like this, we have heavy duty hinges in stock or can create a custom hinge for you.  

This huge hinge is used to support movement of very large museum doors. Can you imagine how big this door must be to need such a huge hinge?

Crazy Custom Hinges - Guden

Guden Custom Hinge

Every now and then we get in a custom hinge that is just so unique that we have to show it off. This custom hinge is black with cut outs, multiple bends, and a removable pin. 

This is the perfect example of just some the types of customization we can do for you. Send us a drawing to get your own custom hinge

Strap and T Hinges - Guden

Strap and T Hinge

Our Strap and T Hinges are great for marine and trailer applications. 

They come in polished stainless steel to endure harsh outdoor conditions. In addition, the polish also gives them an aesthetic benefit. 

If you need a custom Strap or T hinge, send us a drawing of your requirements here.

Custom Heavy Duty Hinges - Guden

Heavy Duty Custom

Need a custom hinge for a heavy duty application? 

Here at Guden, we got you covered. Just submit an inquiry to our Custom Hinge page. 

Our custom hinges are made strong to handle all sorts of heavy applications. For example, the hinge in this picture is used for heavy duty medical equipment. 

With the pins welded on one side, this hinge has great pin retention. 

Guden Gas Springs - Guden

Guden Gas Spring

Our Guden Gas Springs come in all shapes and sizes. They are the perfect product for controlling the motion of your lid, hatch or door. 

Our Gas Springs do two key things.
  • They aid in lifting to help with opening heavy lids
  • They also slow motion when closing to prevent the heavy lid from slamming shut. 
To check out our entire Gas Spring collection, click here

Custom Hinges at Guden

Custom Hinges

Can't find what you are looking for in our huge inventory? 

Here at Guden, we can create the perfect Custom Hinge for your application. Whether you need to add holes, cut the hinge to a specific length, add springs, or more, we can help! 

Since the beginning of this year, we have helped over 1200 people get the custom hinge that they needed. 

Simply fill out a form or call 1-800-3-HINGES for more information. 

Heavy Duty Hinges at Guden!

Heavy Duty Hinge

Here at Guden, our hinges come in all shapes and sizes. But did you know about our Heavy Duty Hinges?

Our heavy duty hinges are perfect for moving heavy lids, doors, cabinets, gates and more. We carry a huge selection in stock that are strong enough to handle these jobs.

Also keep in mind that if you don't find what you are looking for, we can create the perfect heavy duty hinge for you. Simply fill out a form on our Custom Page.

Need Help Selecting A Gas Spring? - Guden

Force Analysis Graph

Selecting a gas spring for testing can be tricky -- Let Guden give you a hand.

Using our form, you can give us a clear idea what you are looking for.  We will do our best to put together a proposed design solution using a spring shipped right from our stock.  You can then test that sample spring on your prototype. Click here to find the right Gas Spring for your application.

A couple of common misconceptions about gas springs:

  • A 10 lb door requires a 10 lb force spring ➔ rarely true! The force required is usually several times higher than the weight of the door.
  • You only need one spring ➔ Yes, but your door is likely to twist with one spring.  Using two gas springs delivers better performance, reliability and safety.
Guden offers a complete line of hardware for your metal cabinets or related products: brackets, hinges, latches, handles – Guden has it all.