Gas Spring End Fittings (Connectors)

Gas Spring End Fittings (Connectors)

Guden offers a large variety of Gas Spring End Fittings listed below.

Gas Spring End Fittings
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Plastic, Plain Steel, Stainless Steel and Zinc Diecast
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The products below are the available stock end fittings for all Guden Gas Springs and Dampers.

Most Gas Springs are stocked with the C (EF030) .39 diameter plastic socket or I (EF090A) .39 diameter metal socket ends installed.

Fat Blade Clevis Ends of various diameters, P (EF200), Q (EF201), R (EF202), S (EF203) and T (EF204) are also available from stock for a quick changeover through standardized threading.

The J (EF100-02) .59 diameter metal socket is only available on our .39 x .87 series springs.

Safety clips for the I (EF090A) ends and the J (EF100-02) ends will automatically be included with your order. There is no need to order them as separate items unless you require extra pieces.

Mini Gas Springs have removable end fittings on each end, the A (EF015) can also be purchased separately.

Dampers are stocked with threaded ends only.

Please order end fittings as required as a separate item.