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Gas Spring Cross Reference - Finding Your Gas Spring

call 800-344-6437 for help
call 800-344-6437 for help
Let us help you find a match! With our wide variety, we can often find a gas spring in stock that matches the one you are looking for, or comes very close. 

Please provide as much information as you can on the form to the right. The more information the better.  You can also upload a photo an existing label using the form at right..

Data to include if available:
  • Quantity required (ex: need 20 Gas Springs)
  • Brand name (ex: Guden)
  • Part number (ex: GGN20-060-C)
  • Rod diameter (ex: 0.32 in or 8mm)
  • Tube diameter (ex: .71  in  or 18mm)
  • P1 force (ex: 60 lbs or 265N)
  • Extended length  (ex: 9.6 in or 244mm)
  • Minimum stroke (ex: 3.25 in or 83mm)
  • End fittings (ex: "C" connector)
  • Mounting Hardware (ex: L bracket)

Complete the form and leave it to us, we'll get back to you pronto.  Or call us at 800-344-6437.

Feel free to use the drawing below as an example to help you describe the different specifications of your gas spring.

Gas Spring Drawing
Gas Spring Drawing