Mil Spec Part Number Conversions

AN251 Continuous Hinges
AN251 was superceded by → AN257 was superceded by → MS20257
AN251-00 AN257-1 MS20257-1
AN251-0 AN257-2 MS20257-2
AN251-1 AN257-3 MS20257-3
AN251-2 AN257-4 MS20257-4
AN251-3 AN257-5 MS20257-5
AN251-4 AN257-6 MS20257-6

MS7524 Extruded Hinges
MS7524 was superceded by → MS20001
MS7524-1 MS20001-4
MS7524-2 MS20001-6
MS7524-3 No Equivalent
MS7524-4 No Equivalent
MS7524-5 No Equivalent
MS7524-6 No Equivalent
MS7524-7 MS20001-10
MS7524-8 MS20001-3
MS7524-9 No Equivalent

NAS40 Extruded Hinges
NAS40 has been discontinued. Substitute → MS20001 Series
NAS40-2 MS20001-2
NAS40-3 MS20001-3
NAS40-4 MS20001-4
NAS40-5 MS20001-5
NAS40-6 MS20001-6
NAS40-7 In stock
NAS40-8 No substitute available
NAS40-9 MS20001-9
NAS40-10 MS20001-10
The NAS40 drawing calls out a half hinge only. Our MS20001 series include both leaves and a pin.
The NAS drawing calls out .625" long knuckle, MS20001 series has .50" long knuckle.

NAS41 Pins
NAS41 has been discontinued. Substitute → MS20253
NAS41-1 MS20253-P
NAS41-2 MS20253-P
NAS41-3 No substitute available
NAS41-4 MS20253-P
The NAS41 pin has been discontinued with no superceding part. It was music wire with a cadmium plating. The MS20253 pins are a substitute. They are stainless steel with a cadmium plating.

MS35821 through MS35831 Continuous Hinges
MS35000 Series Superceded by → AA55500 Series
MS35821 AA55589
MS35822 AA55590
MS35823 AA55591
MS35824 Inactive for new design
MS35825 AA55592
MS35826 AA55593
MS35827 Inactive for new design
MS35828 Inactive for new design
MS35829 AA55594
MS35830 AA55595
MS35831 AA55596

MS20253 Pins
MS20253 Series Superceded by → AA55486 Series
MS20253-1 AA55486-1
MS20253-2 AA55486-2
MS20253-3 AA55486-3
MS20253-4 AA55486-4
MS20253-5 AA55486-5

Other Items
Superceded or Replaced by →  
MS27966 AA55586
MS27968 AA55587
MS27973 AA55588