Friction Stop Gas Springs

Friction Stop Gas Springs
Can hold gas spring at any position in the stroke
In stock for same day shipment
Stop feature can be added to any standard or custom size on special order

Guden also has a wide selection of ball studs and mounting hardware as well as a variety of end fittings.

For more information and FAQ please see About Gas Springs and the list of connectors. Also see our Notes about Safety and Gas Spring Safety and Design.

Guden Friction Stop Gas Springs are a standard gas spring but with the addition of a friction nut mechanism around the rod where it enters the tube. This specialty attribute allows for the gas spring to be positioned and held at any point in the stroke cycle. Simply tighten down the friction nut mechanism to firmly grip the rod to activate this feature. The feature can also easily be deactivated by loosening so the gas spring returns to standard action. Each gas spring is pressurized with nitrogen gas.

Our select stock Friction Stop products are listed here. And any Guden standard gas spring product, or a custom size, can be supplied with this feature as a custom run.