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What are the 3 most popular ways to mount a hinge?

Having trouble deciding on how to mount your hinge? There are a number of different ways of mounting your hinge depending on your requirements. Here are the three most common methods:


— If your application is a metal hinge on a metal frame and door, you can choose to mount the hinge by welding. For a fillet weld, as shown here or for a spot weld, you won't need to have holes in your hinge or on the mounting surfaces. Some might not consider welding as aesthetically pleasing or desirable if the application is visible or more decorative but you can have holes punched in the leaf and do a plug weld which is a neater look. Welding is a very secure mounting and you will have a great deal of trouble if you need to remove the door.

Standard Fasteners

Fastened Hinge — Putting holes or slots in your hinge, door and frame will allow for using separate fasteners like bolts or screws to mount your hinge. You do need to take care about lining up the holes and using the right size hardware. A nut may be required if your screw is being used in a non-threaded hole. Most standard fasteners also allow for easy removal or you can also choose riveting or non-removable type screws for more security against tampering.

Self-Clinching Fasteners

Self-Clinching Fasteners — A popular brand of built-in fasteners is from Penn Engineering Manufacturing or more commonly known as PEM. There are also many other brands of self-clinching fasteners that can be supplied already installed on your hinge. Both threaded studs and threaded inserts are available in hundreds of sizes. Using these will reduce the amount of extra hardware you need to worry about and can speed up the mounting process.

Almost all Guden hinges are available from stock without holes for welding applications, with many also available with a standard hole patterns to use with standard fasteners. If one of our stock patterns doesn't fit your application or you'd like your hinges supplied with self clinching fasteners, Guden can easily supply them to your exact specifications as a custom run. Check out our entire line of hinges, and use our custom hinge form to submit your application for quotation.