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More Operations : Mounting Studs and Nuts

Mounting studs or nuts can be placed into any hinge as long as we have a hardware part number, or a full description of the hardware.

PEM nut

Self-clinching nut or the more popular term PEM nut is the name for the female threaded nut portion that is press fit into the hinge leaf.

PEM nut detail

The clinching teeth grip into the hinge leaf material and keep the threaded nut in place. Self-clinching studs or the more popular term PEM stud is the name for the male screw portion that is also press fit into the hinge leaf and the threaded stud protrudes off of the hinge leaf.

PEM stud

PEM is the most popular brand, but there are also several other competitive brands out on the market.

If you require a distinct brand for your fastener devices, please specify that on your drawing or request.

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