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Enhance Your Cabinet Design with Guden's Premium Gas Springs

Guden Gas Springs
Guden Gas Springs

In addition to our broad selection of hinges and handles, Guden also supplies a diverse range of Gas Springs. These products are perfect for a wide range of cabinet applications and provide excellent functionality and longevity, while being easy to install and use.

Guden offers six types of Gas Springs. Each is designed to provide a specific function or action in your application.

Standard Gas Springs

Standard Gas Springs are an ideal solution for cabinet door, lid or hatch applications where a counterbalance force is required. These gas springs provide a smooth controlled movement by exerting force in the opposite direction of the applied force. They are used in a variety of applications, including industrial machinery, medical equipment, storage compartments, and electronic enclosures.

Mini Gas Springs

Mini Gas Springs are designed for applications where space is limited. These compact gas springs are perfect for lifting or holding smaller lids or doors, as well as for use in medical equipment, electronic enclosures, and more.

Adjustable Gas Springs

Adjustable Gas Springs have an adjustable force output, making them perfect for applications where the weight of the lid or door may vary. These gas springs are constructed with a valve that allows you to bleed off pressure. Perfect for engineering, as well as fine tuning applications for the optimum pressure performance. They can be used at the pressure you bleed them down to or you can send it back to Guden to evaluate the pressure and supply the exact pressure your application needs.

Friction Stop Gas Springs

Friction Stop Gas Springs feature an external mechanism that provides a controlled resistance, stopping the movement of the lid or door in any position. These gas springs are perfect for applications where the lid or door needs to be held in a specific position, such as in RVs, boats, or industrial equipment.

Locking Gas Springs

Locking Gas Springs come equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps the gas spring in place when fully extended. This feature is ideal for applications that require the lid or door to stay open, such as in RVs, boats, or toolboxes. Additionally, locking gas springs can provide added security by preventing the lid or door from accidentally closing.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs

Stainless Steel Gas Springs are ideal for harsh or corrosive environments, such as marine, outdoor, or medical applications. Their high quality type 316L stainless steel construction makes them resistant to corrosion when exposed to saltwater and other harsh elements.

At Guden, we take pride in providing high quality Gas Springs that meet a range of design needs. Our gas springs are rigorously tested to ensure they meet strict quality standards, providing our customers with peace of mind knowing they are purchasing a reliable product.

For questions about Guden Gas Springs, or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm EST at 631-737-2900 or by email Our expansive website is available 24/7 for pricing, product information and so much more.