Need Help Selecting A Gas Spring?

gas spring selector

H. A. Guden Co., Inc. will be pleased to assist you in selecting the gas spring for your application. The process is simple: Guden offers a complete line of hardware for your metal cabinets or related products: brackets, hinges, latches, handles – Guden has it all.

  1. Provide Guden with a some information on the form below
  2. We will quickly provide you with our suggestion for a gas spring and suggest some mounting points for your testing.
  3. We will be pleased to provide you with samples of the gas spring and mounting hardware for you to test in your application.
  4. Let us know how the samples worked in your application. We are here to get you a gas spring that works for you.

A couple of common misconceptions about gas springs.

  • A 10 lb door requires a 10 lb force spring to counterbalance ➔ rarely true! The spring force required is usually several times higher than the weight of the door.
  • You only need one spring ➔ Yes, but your door is likely to twist with one spring. Using two gas springs delivers better performance, reliability and safety.
Spring Operational Requirements

Upload a sketch or technical drawing or photo

This is critical to fully describe spring and door positions. (Maximum total file size is 15Mb)

Input the following coordinates in door-closed position

gs force image
  • All positions are indicated as if the closed door is laying along the x axis, as shown in the image.

Input the orientation

door orientation
  • The orientation is described by the angle between the direction of gravity and the closed door, as shown in the examples to the left.

Describe your mount point requirements, if any

gs force image
  • The moving end is the mount point which moves as the door opens.
  • The fixed end is the mount point on the frame which never moves.

Input the expected temperature range of application

(The standard temperature range is -20°C to +80°C.)
From to

Desired door behavior and other comments

For example: "Door must hold open and hold shut but balance halfway."
Or: "Door must lift entirely by itself after unlatching."

Projected Quantity

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