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Hinges and Hardware 101 - Mounting or Removing a Gas Spring

Guden C-ring End Fitting
Guden C-ring End Fitting
Many are curious as to how you mount or remove a gas spring in an application. First, your mounting point have to be set for your frame and your base. Click here if you need assistance with where those points are supposed to be in your application.

Guden C-ring End FittingThe most standard connection for a gas spring is a plastic C-ring style 10mm ball socket. This can be mounted to any ball stud or bracket that also have a 10mm ball. A larger version for more heavy duty loads is a 13mm ball and socket. The C-ring on the ball socket gives way slightly to accept the ball stud and for removal, a slight pull up on the back of the end fitting opens the C-ring to let the ball back out. It is a strong and secure method of mounting a gas spring. Click here for a video presentation for more information.
Metal ball sockets and fat blade end fittings are also used for mounting gas springs. Stay tuned for a future article for how to mount or remove gas springs using these end fittings.