Quick Release Hinges Allow Fast Removal

Steel and stainless steel parts
With and without holes
Quick release - can be used as hinge or latch
Double and single pin varieties
In stock for same day shipment

Our Guden Unhinges are also known as quick-release hinges and are a great way to quickly and easily remove a door without needing to lift it up and away from the chassis. They're unique and versatile for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Our full size 9201 / 9202 Unhinge set comes with two retractable pins that pull into the hinge barrel when the outside pin levers are squeezed back to disconnect from the mating hinge half and allow the door to slide free with no side or upward motion. And for applications requiring a single retractable pin, our 9300 and 9401 series Unhinges are also available from stock. Each pin side and mating receptacle piece is sold separately.

The pin levers can also be rotated to hold in the retracted position to await a quick reassembly and are spring loaded to return to the extended position to reconnect the door when needed.
Double pin and single pin versions are available in a passivated stainless steel, with holes and without. Single pin versions are also available in a zinc plated steel. Custom sizes and materials can also be supplied. Custom hole or slot sizes countersunk holes, cut outs, PEMs, bends, offsets and other custom operations can also be supplied.

For more information on custom hinges, visit our hinge customization site for guidance and assistance with the design of the hinge that fits your application.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.