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Gas Spring vs. Spring Hinge - Choose the one that's right for you!

Selecting the product that works perfectly in your application sometimes requires reviewing different items that have very similar functions, but have different attributes to offer. Gas springs and spring hinges are two of those items. While they are two very different products, they both provide motion and each can hold a lid, door or cover in a position So which one is right for your application?

Gas Spring and Spring Hinge Applications

Gas springs can be used in any application that has a door, lid or cover that requires an assist in opening and holding in the open position. Vehicle doors, cabinetry, equipment hoods, trunk lids, and enclosure covers are just a few examples for where they can be found. While the typical application is on a horizontal lid, they can also be used on a vertical door for a side to side motion. Spring hinges can also be used in any application that has a door, lid or cover that needs to be pushed open, or held closed without assistance. These doors are typically smaller in size and weight as the force is limited to the strength of the torsion spring. Most often used in a vertical mount door, they can be used on a horizontal door as well.
Guden Gas Springs Gas Springs are a piston and rod assembly that is filled with pressurized gas and a small amount of lubrication and damping oil.
  • A one piece unit requiring ball studs or brackets for mounting
  • Painted steel or stainless steel construction
  • Application typically also requires a hinge on the door
  • Mounting can be designed to hold door in open and/or closed position so no additional catches or supports are needed
  • Often requires operator to assist the lid opening until gas spring takes over
  • Additional styles available: Locking gas springs, Friction stop gas springs, Miniature gas springs
  • Wide range or gas spring pressures allow for use on very light to very heavy doors
  • Also known as Gas Struts, Gas Pistons, Gas Shocks
  • How to mount a gas spring
Guden Spring Hinges Spring Hinges are a standard hinge with one or more knuckles removed and replaced with a torsion spring.
  • A one piece unit: with holes requires screws for mounting, or blank for welding
  • Spring-loaded-to-open or spring-loaded-to-close versions
  • Depending on how they are mounted, can be used to open or close a door
  • Typically used on vertical doors, but can be used on horizontal lids or covers too
  • Work best on light to medium light weight doors
  • Will push hinge leaf without requiring an outside force so may require a catch or latch to keep in desired position
  • Steel, plated steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Torsion spring strength can be adjusted by adding more springs or increasing strength of each spring
  • Doesn't require additional space inside cabinet for mounting
  • Provides immediate motion to the door upon release

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