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“Help! How Can I Mount My Gas Spring, I Can't Compress It?”

We can't tell you how many times a customer has asked this question for mounting their gas springs into their application. The answer is actually pretty simple. You really can't! The best and safest way to mount your gas springs is to first manually lift your lid or cover to the correct open angle. If your mounting points are engineered properly, your gas springs should fit the mounting hardware without compressing them. Once your gas spring or springs are installed then the lid or cover can be lowered to the closing position. If two springs are being installed, take great care that the lid is manually supported after the first spring is installed and until the second spring is securely in place. Although some applications only have room for 1 spring, Guden will always recommend that 2 gas springs are used for added safety for the users.

Guden stocks many different sizes and styles:
  • Black nitride rod gas springs
  • Stainless steel gas springs
  • Miniature gas springs
  • Adjustable force gas springs
  • Friction stop gas springs
  • Locking gas springs
Click here for our entire gas spring offering, as well as all our end fitting and mounting hardware choices.

If one of our standard sizes or pressures doesn't meet your specifications, we can also supply a custom gas spring tailored to your requirements and even combine custom attributes as well. Send us an email at, or contact a Guden Customer Service Representative at 1-800-344-6437.