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Which Style Of Spring-Loaded Hinge Is Best For My Application?

Spring loaded hinges are available in two styles; spring-loaded-to-open and spring-loaded-to-close. They are stocked in plain steel, zinc plated steel and stainless steel. You can choose between spring hinges with or without holes. The action words Open and Close should not necessarily be confused with how the door will move because that is dependent on how the hinge is mounted.

Spring-Loaded-To-Open Hinges

have the torsion spring installed to push the hinge leaves away from each other to the open position of the hinge.

Spring-Loaded-To-Close Hinges

have the torsion spring installed to push the hinge leaves towards each other to the closed position of the hinge.

You can see this explained in our video presentation here.

It's important to design your product with the action of the spring pushing on the hinge leaves in mind. Depending on which side of the leaves are being attached to your door and frame will determine which type of spring hinge you will require.

Normally it's best to try to mount your door or frame surface to the side of the leaf that is free of the spring leg. If you do need to mount to the spring leg side, Guden can supply the leaf with an emboss or channel for the spring leg to lay in so it is not crushed during the mounting process or impeded from having good motion and strength.

Guden spring hinges are available in stock in many sizes and strengths and can also be custom made to fit your exact requirements. Check out the full line here.