Weld-On Hinges

Weld-On Hinges
Available in Steel, Stainless Steel (type 304 & 316) and Aluminum
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Custom hinges can be supplied to meet your requirements

Guden carries a variety of weldable hinges, including weld on butt hinges, weldable lift off hinges, weld on piano hinges, weldable spring hinges and our most popular weld on bullet hinges. These hinges are good for welding on metal doors and lids when fasteners are not desired.

The best type of hinge for welding is our bullet hinge, specifically designed for welded applications. Some benefits to our bullet hinges are

  • they are strong and can carry heavy weights
  • they can be taken apart and dismantled easily
  • they offer a clean and smooth appearance due to its leafless design

Please select one of our hinges below. If you do not find the exact hinge you are looking for, Guden can supply the perfect custom weld-on hinge for you. Also our Guden customer service team is available to assist you and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.