Lift-Off Hinges Allow Quick Removal

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Lift off hinges are a popular choice for removable door or lid needs. The lift off hinge is commonly called the removable hinge, detachable hinge, and take apart hinge due to its loose joint parts. The parts slip off and can be taken apart, so you can remove your lid or door with ease. They are also able to be put back together for reassembly. This is perfect for applications requiring detaching and reattaching a door or lid. For example, you may need lift off hinges for programmable doors or other doors that need to be lifted off and set aside for maintenance, replacement or setup.

If you are looking for a lift off hinge supplier, you came to the right place because Guden has the largest selection of these take apart hinges. We also carry heavy duty lift off hinges. These heavy duty removable hinges can hold and move heavy weights.

Removable lift off hinges come in a variety of materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Yet, if you cannot find the specific type of detachable hinges you are looking for, or if you require custom hinges, please contact our customer service team or visit our custom hinges site. Together, we can create the perfect custom lift off hinges for you.

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Lift Off Hinge FAQs

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What are the common names for hinges that come apart?

These types of hinges go by several different names: Lift Off Hinges, Slip Joint Hinges, Removable Hinges, Loose Joint Hinges and Take Apart Hinges are some of the popular names.

What is a Slip Joint or Lift Off type Hinge?

Hinges in this category are expected to be taken apart so you can remove a door easily. They typically consist of two pieces, a leaf with a pin (male leaf), and a leaf with a curl (female leaf) that the pin mates with when assembled.

What kinds of Lift Off hinges are there?

  • Standard type - A leaf with a pin and a leaf with a curl. Each two piece set is also available in a mirror image set.
  • Weld On - These lift off hinges are leafless and are welded onto the frame and door.
  • Block Hinge - Also similar in style to the Weld On type, they are leafless, but are tapped with threaded holes for mounting.
  • Barrel Hinge - Similar in style to the Weld On type, but are more cylindrical and often more decorative.
  • Flag Hinge - A leaf with a pin and a leaf with a curl, these are not square or rectangular when assembled, but resemble two flags flying on the same pole.
  • Continuous Lift Off Hinge - For applications that require a longer length of hinge, this type has multiple pins that mate with curls on the opposite leaf.

Why are slip joint hinges designated as Right Hand and Left Hand?

Because doors are swung in two directions. With two mirror image sets, a left hand and right hand, you would easily be able to mount the hinges on either side of the door. Typically the male portion will be to the frame or base and the female portion will be mounted to the moving door.

What custom features are available on Lift Off Hinges?

  • Physical Size - Different sizes are available, of course dependent on the request.
  • Perforations - Holes, slots, obrounds, cut-outs and other shapes can be done.
  • Bends - Leaves can be bent once or numerous times to meet your mounting requirements.
  • Offsets and swages - Leaves can be altered to achieve larger or smaller gaps between them for a tighter fit.
  • Finish - All the common surface treatments and different plating types can be done on a Lift Off hinge.

Why do some Lift Off Hinges have a pin that is shorter than the leaf?

It's for mounting purposes. Most doors will have two Lift Off hinges. While assembling both curls onto the pins, a shorter pin on the upper hinge allows for aligning the hinges one at a time instead of both at the same time. Line up the lower hinge, then move the door in place to assemble it with the shorter pin on the top hinge.