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How to Make a Hinge Invisible using Guden Concealed Hinges

Guden concealed hinges
Guden concealed hinges

Most standard hinges are mounted either on the outside surface of your door and frame or between them. Either way, you end up having the hinge leaves or the barrel of the hinge exposed. But what about applications where you don't want to see the hinge? Guden has several options for you to choose from to solve this situation. When the door is closed, our Concealed Hinges will be hidden completely from view and then only visible when the door is opened.

Swing-Over Concealed HingesSwing-Over Concealed Hinges
These hinges are mounted on the inside surfaces of your door and frame. They have one leaf elongated and shaped to allow the door to be moved up and over the door frame.

Soss Invisible HingesSoss Invisible Hinges
Interleaved plates connected by pins allow these hinges to be hidden from view. They are mounted within the door and frame and rotate the door up and over the frame. We offer styles for both metal cabinets and wood frames. They are available in satin chrome, satin brass, satin nickel and black E-coat finishes. We also carry them in 316 stainless steel.

Spring-Loaded Concealed HingesSpring-Loaded Concealed Hinges
These are a more intricate design, with many moving points and hinge arms that allow the door to lay flat when closed. They then expand and shift to move the door into the open position.

Each one of these hinges will allow your application to have a seamless and unbroken surface which is highly desirable in decorative situations.

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