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Guden Dampers Help Slow Things Down

Guden Dampers
Guden Dampers
Are you looking for a product that can help slow the motion of a door or lid? Unlike a Guden Gas Spring, which would aid in lifting and holding open, Guden Dampers resist the motion of the door to help slow it down in opening or closing. They are available in a compression type or an extension type. The compression damper resists when the damper is being closed or shortened and the extension damper resists when opened or extended. The dampening motion is achieved through oil moving from one chamber to another within the damper tube, and the speed is controlled by the orifice opening through which the oil flows.

Guden Dampers are available from stock in several dampening strengths to allow for different speeds of opening or closing to suit various applications. And like our gas springs, they’re supplied with a corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly black nitride rod. Each is supplied with threaded ends, so you can customize the mounting style to fit your needs using our standard end fittings and mounting brackets or one of your own.

One of our standard sizes and configurations doesn’t quite fit your needs? We can also supply custom sizes and provide dampers with dampening in both directions. Check out the entire Guden Damper offering here.