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Hinges and Hardware 101 - Full Knuckles vs Partial Knuckles

Guden continuous hinges
Guden continuous hinges
Continuous hinges are supplied in several different knuckle length sizes. From .25" knuckles to .50", .625 , the rare .75" and then 1" and 2" knuckles for most of your more heavy duty hinges.  Our stock hinges are always supplied in lengths divisible by the knuckle length, but you can also get them supplied in the length of your choice, or cut them down in your own facility. 
We always recommend that the cutting be done in a size that is equally divisible by the knuckle length because it makes for a nicer neater cut, and is usually more aesthetically pleasing to look at. 
Take this hinge shown here which has one partial knuckle on one end.  I can see it's slightly deformed from cutting through the knuckle, and it draws the eyes of most hinge enthusiasts because it's not uniform in size with the rest of the knuckles. And who would want to draw unwanted attention to their hinges?    
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