Stainless Steel Square Butt Hinges With Holes

Stainless Steel Square Butt Hinges With Holes

Guden offers a large variety of Stainless Steel Holed Butt hinges listed below.

Stainless Steel Holed Butt Hinges
Overall length from 1.50" to 6.00"
Thickness from .035" to .118"
In stock same day shipments
Custom hinges can be provided

Our popular line of stainless steel butt hinges is available in a large variety of sizes to meet your butt hinge needs. Each butt hinge has a secure non-removable pin with spun ends. These butt hinges are supplied from stock pre-drilled with a standard hole pattern and they can also be supplied with a hole pattern of your choice as a custom run. These sizes are also available from stock without holes, see here.

Custom widths and thicknesses are also available upon request. And for situations requiring a rectangular butt hinge, see here.

Other custom operations such as cut outs, PEMs, slots, bends, offsets and many other special features can also be supplied. Please see the Guden Custom Hinge site for assistance and guidance in getting the custom hinge that's a perfect fit for your requirements. Easily choose your options, build your custom hinge and submit the information to us for a quick quotation.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements, or see Choosing a Butt Hinge.