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Huge Selection of Hasps and Staples

Did you know that Guden has a huge selection of hasps and staples in stock and ready for same day shipment? Hasps and staples are perfect for securing the closure of a lid or door. 

How To Use A Hasp and Staple

Hasps and staples are very simple to use. The hasp has a slit to allow for the staple loop to come through and enables a lock to be placed around the staple loop. Once a lock is in place, the hasp and staple is secured and the lid remains closed. Upon removal of the lock, the hasp and staple can separate to open the lid. 

Sizes and Styles

Guden has a variety of sizes and materials in stock. Our hasps range from about 2 inches in overall length to about 9 inches overall length. Our staples range from .86 inches to 1.5 inches in overall length. Additional sizes may be ordered as a custom

As for material, the hasps and staples come in aluminum, stainless steel, and plain steel. Our stainless steel hasps and staples are electro polished for an extra decorative finish.