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How to Take Off Door Hinges - Removing Door Hinges

Removable Door Hinges
Removable Door Hinges
Need to take a door off its hinges?  There could be many reasons why you would need to take a door off its hinges. For example, maybe you need to test operations or conduct maintenance on a mechanical or electrical door. Either way, the flexibility of being able to easily remove a door is a great design feature.
Unfortunately separating ordinary hinges can be a problem. Removing ordinary hinges requires detaching the secured pin. Even when the pin is designed to be "loose" as in an ordinary houshold doors, pins can be difficult to remove. 

Luckily there is an easier alternative to the ordinary hinges. Choose from one of our specialty removable hinges. Our lift-off hinges have features built in that enable you to lift off a door without the process of removing a hinge pin. We have a wide variety of lift off hinges including:

Block hinges -  These hinges have a smooth block appearance. They also have holes for mounting purposes.

Weld on hinges - These hinges can support heavy applications and are meant to be welded on.

Slip Joint Hinges - Slip joint hinges come in female and male parts. The male slip joint hinge is shown left and the female hinge is shown on the right.

Flag hinges-  These hinges were named after their flag-like shape. We have a variety of different types of flag hinges to support a number of different applications.

Two other alternatives to lift off hinges are the unhinge and the latch hinge. These hinges are removable due to their latching mechanisms and don't rely on gravity to hold the hinge together. 

The Unhinge - view our entire selection of quick release unhinges. These hinges have double sided latch action.

Latch Hinge - view our entire selection of latch hinges. These hinges have single sided latch action.