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Guden helps bridge the Gender Gap in STEM
Sachem Aftershock
Every year Guden sponsors Sachem Aftershock. Sachem Aftershock is a high school robotics team that is competing in the FIRST Power Up Challenge. The FIRST competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to use and exhibit their STEM skills. 

This year, the number of female Sachem Aftershock team members has grown! This is exciting to see as women are still underrepresented in STEM fields. According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, "Women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce."  

The FIRST competition helps give both male and female students the confidence to succeed in STEM careers. Therefore, increasing the number of young women in STEM clubs like Sachem Aftershock may help bridge the gender gap. Guden is proud to be a part of something that aims to bring gender equality in STEM and builds confidence in all students alike. 

Here are our current female team members! 
Bridging The Gap with Sachem Aftershock