Stainless Steel Lift Off Hinges / Slip Joint Hinges

Stainless Steel Lift Off Hinges / Slip Joint Hinges
Stainless steel slip joints
With and without holes
Available with bright annealed finish
In stock for same day shipment
We can Bag and Tag parts for your convenience. Just ask your customer service representative for details

Guden stainless steel lift off hinges are also called slip joint hinges, detachable hinges, take-apart hinges or loose joint hinges. These stainless steel removable hinges are used to attach and detach doors.

Guden lift off hinges feature a male leaf and a female leaf. These parts are sold seperately because you have the option of choosing either a right/left male leaf or a right/left female leaf. Each male or female part has a width dimension which is calculated by measuring the center of the barrel to the edge of the leaf. When ordering by total open width, just combine both the two leaf widths together. Or if you just want one part, make sure to make this clear so there is not confusion about what the total open width actually is.

Learn how to tell a right from a left in this this diagram or our instructional video.

Guden also carries the specialty part 9299LH-32. This decorative part features a pattern of countersunk holes, rounded corners and is polished.

Guden has a huge selection of sizes and hole patterns in stock. A prefix of NH denotes no holes and WH denotes with holes. If you can't find the right fit or pattern, Guden can help you get the exact custom part you are looking for.

Whether you desire countersunk holes, cut outs, PEMs, bends, offsets or other custom operations, Guden can help. For more information, visit our customs site. Or contact our customer service team who is also available to assist you in choosing the most cost effective solution for your requirements.