Flag Hinges

Flag Hinges
Steel flag hinges
Supplied without holes
Supplied without finish
In stock for same day shipment
See Lefts and Rights.

Our Guden flag hinges are a great choice for applications requiring hinge that can be taken apart quickly and easily. They're slightly different than our slip joint hinge line, because when assembled, the female leaf is above the male leaf instead of the leaves being side by side. We have 3 different versions available from stock.

The steel NHPS1474 series is sold in 4 pieces, the left hand male (LM) and female (LF) and the right hand male (RM) and female (RF). Just add the two letter suffix to the main series number to complete the part number. Each piece also has a rounded pin end insert for a more decorative look.

Our stainless steel NHSS1485 series is sold in 3 pieces the left hand male (LM) and right hand male (RM), and because this item does not have rounded pin inserts on the ends, the female portion (F) is used for both.

NHPS836 is in steel and sold as a Male Female two piece set. There is no LH or RH designation as the leaves are half swaged so the set can be used for either mounting designation. See here for more descriptive information for the swaging. Each piece also has a rounded pin end insert.

In stock without holes, we can also custom drill holes per your specifications. Other custom operations such as countersunk holes, cut outs, PEM nuts, slots, bends, offsets and many other special features can also be supplied. Please see the Guden custom hinge site for assistance and guidance in getting the custom hinge that's a perfect fit for your requirements. Easily choose your options, build your custom hinge and submit the information to us for a quick quotation.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.