The GUDEN Lift Off (Slip) Hinges Deep Dive

1. What is a Lift Off (Slip) Hinge?

Lift off or slip hinges are a varied group of hinges that are best identified as a male leaf (with a pin) and a female leaf (without a pin) that perform as a hinge where the door or lid is easily removable.

There are selection of parts that fall into this category of hinges including:

Standard Slip Hinge Standard Slip Hinge
Weld On Hinge Weld On Hinge
Block Hinge Block Hinge
Flag Hinge Flag Hinge
Continuous Slip Hinge Continuous Slip Hinge
Barrel Hinge Barrel Hinge

These hinges are available in a variety of materials. Most in plain steel. Lots in 302/304 stainless steel and a few in type 316 stainless steel or aluminum with a stainless steel pin. They are available from a small 1.5" long light duty slip hinge to a huge 10.5" long Weld On hinge.

Some of the slip hinges are available with pre-punched holes and others can be either welded on or have custom hole punched. Most stock items have no finish but we can add the finish of your choice to most of the slip type hinges.

We can supply custom lift off (slip) hinges if none of our standard parts will work in your application or if a custom part is specified. Just let us know and we will be pleased to quote.

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Here you will find all of the standard products we offer.

5. Lift Off (Slip) Hinges Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Lift Off (Slip) Hinges FAQs