Plain Steel Lift Off Hinges / Slip Joint Hinges

Plain Steel Lift Off Hinges / Slip Joint Hinges
Steel slip joints
With and without holes
Supplied without finish
Short pin males available for ease of door removal
In stock for same day shipment
We can Bag and Tag parts for your convenience. Just ask your customer service representative for details

Guden plain steel lift off hinges are also known as take-apart hinges or slip joint hinges. They are the perfect product to use when you need a secure door connection but also want the door to be easily removed. Lift off hinges are sold as two parts, the pin side, or the male, and the leaf side, or the female. Each male and female set is available in a right hand version and a mirror image left hand version making 4 distinct parts; right male (RM) and right female (RF), left male (LM) and left female (LF). All are sold separately.

See how to identify a right from a left in this diagram or our instructional video.

Many sizes are available right from stock. And for those times when a stock size isn't the right fit, Guden can easily supply a custom size tailored just for your application.

Each individual male and female half has a width dimension measured from the center of the barrel to the edge of the leaf. Just be careful to always combine the two leaf widths together when discussing total open width, or be specific when calling out just one male or female width so there is not confusion for what the total open width actually is.

The short length pin versions of our NHPS801 lift off hinges are specifically for quicker assembly when a tight fit or hard-to-align area might be in the application. Using one short pin male on the upper pair of hinges, you would fit the male and female together for the lower pair just slightly so the door is connected and the shorter pin would allow for a quicker connection because the door is already aligned on one hinge. No need to struggle to align both hinge pairs at the same time.

Most of our lift off hinges are from stock both with and without holes. A prefix of NH denotes without holes and WH denotes with holes.

Custom hole or slot sizes and patterns are also available upon request. Countersunk holes, cut outs, PEMs, bends, offsets and other custom operations can also be supplied.

For more information on custom hinges, visit our custom hinge site. Our Guden customer service team is also available to help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.