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Things to Consider When Choosing a Weld-On Hinge


Sampling and Testing

Want free Weld-On hinge engineering samples? Sure! We know the value of prototyping and testing, and we strive to fill reasonable design sample requests quickly. Building a prototype shouldn't have to be a major expense and an engineering analysis of a prototype is usually the best way to confirm that you have selected a safe and effective product for your application. Working with the right supplier is the key to the success of your design process and you've already made a great choice with Guden, the hardware experts. With almost 100 years of experience, the samples, information and advice you can get from us can be priceless in getting your prototype off the ground and onto the production floor.


Weld-on hinges allow a door or cover to be easily removed but require careful pin alignment for smooth operation. Be sure to account for alignment in your mounting.

Space For Removal

Weld-On hinge removal

Weld-on hinges operate by sliding the female hinge off the pin on the male hinge. You need to take note of the length of the pin, and make sure you have at least that distance of space in the up direction (on vertical doors) or to the side (on horizontal doors) to remove the door.

Weld-On Hinge Attributes

These hinges are unique because unlike other hinge types, these are leafless. They're a solid metal tube with a small special edge on the cylinder to allow for welding. Because of this design, they're most often considered for use because of the cleaner more streamlined look they give to an application. They're also great for applications where there may not be room for a hinge leaf.

Material Thickness and Pin Size

Material Combinations
• Plain Steel Body and Pin
• Plain Steel Body with a Brass Pin
• Plain Steel Body with a Stainless Steel Pin
• Stainless Steel Body and Pin
• Type 316 Stainless Steel Body and Pin
• Aluminum Body with a Stainless Steel Pin

There are many material combinations for weld-on hinges. Custom combinations can also be supplied, but are dependent on the production quantity.

Grease Fitting Attachment

For ease in adding lubrication, there are several sizes available from stock with a grease fitting attachment already installed on the female hinge half. Additional sizes can also have this attachment added as a custom run.

Considering a Weld-On hinge for your application?

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