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Things to Consider When Choosing a Un-Hinge


Sampling and Testing

Want free Un-Hinge engineering samples? Sure! We know the value of prototyping and testing, and we strive to fill reasonable design sample requests quickly. Building a prototype shouldn't have to be a major expense and an engineering analysis of a prototype is usually the best way to confirm that you have selected a safe and effective product for your application. Working with the right supplier is the key to the success of your design process and you've already made a great choice with Guden, the hardware experts. With almost 100 years of experience, the samples, information and advice you can get from us can be priceless in getting your prototype off the ground and onto the production floor.


Unique Guden Un-Hinges allow for easy removal of a door or cover but for a smoother operation, it's important that they are in line with each other. Be sure to account for alignment in your mounting. For larger doors, you may also want to consider a continuous slip hinge.

Retract and Hold Pin Feature

The Un-Hinge is expertly crafted with retractable pins that operate through a spring loaded pin stem. With slight pressure, the pin stem can be pulled back to retract the pin, then rotated to a locked position to leave the pin retracted. The door can then quickly be removed.

One and Two Pin Verions

Our larger Unhinge has two retracting pins, one on each end of the leaf that extend and fit into mating female leaf. We also carry one pin versions that can be used for latching a door, or a quick release door. One version has a pin that extends beyond the leaf edge for latch style applications where the pin fits into a hole in the chassis or frame. The second version has a pin that extends just to the edge of the leaf edge so when mated with it's female half, the hinge is completely square.

Space For Removal

Unhinge removal

Un-Hinges operate by retracting the pins, then pulling the female leaf away from the male leaf. No sliding or lifting is required, so they work well in tighter spaces.

Leaf Material

Leaf Materials
• Plain Steel - affordable
• Zinc Plated Steel - affordable & corrosion resistant
• Stainless Steel - corrosion resistant
• Aluminum - lightweight

Plain steel and type 302/304 stainless steel are the most popular material choices for an Un-Hinge. They can also be run with an aluminum body and stainless steel pins as a custom request. Most often people choose the same material for the hinge and the chassis so they match in look and feel.
Due to their unique style, Un-hinges are available in a standard .050 material thickness.

With or Without Mounting Holes

Mounting Hole Options
• no holes, for welding
• standard through holes
• custom holes or slots can also be added,
but are limited due to the pin retracting stem

Many hinges without holes are mounted by welding, but for easier mounting, many hinges can also be supplied with holes, slots or custom threaded inserts or studs. Various standard hole patterns are readily available and just about any hole pattern you need can also be supplied. Keep in mind that some non-standard patterns may require a tooling charge.

Custom Bends / Cuts / Swages

The hinge leaf on Un-Hinges can be altered, but custom bends, cuts, notches, or swages are really not recommended. This is due to the pin retracting stem and the spring loaded locking feature to enable the pin to be held in the retracted position. Please consult with a Guden Customer Service Representative for more assistance.

Considering a Un-hinge for your application?

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