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Things to Consider When Choosing a Continuous Plastic PolyHinge


Sampling and Testing

Want free plastic continuous polyhinge hinge engineering samples? Sure! We know the value of prototyping and testing, and we strive to fill reasonable design sample requests quickly. Building a prototype shouldn't have to be a major expense and an engineering analysis of a prototype is usually the best way to confirm that you have selected a safe and effective product for your application. Working with the right supplier is the key to the success of your design process and you've already made a great choice with Guden, the hardware experts. With almost 100 years of experience, the samples, information and advice you can get from us can be priceless in getting your prototype off the ground and onto the production floor.

Non-Metal Applications

Continuous plastic hinges are great for use when a non-metal solution is important for your application. They are non-conductive, weatherproof and with a one piece construction, can be watertight.

Plastic Poly Hinge flex

Plastic Poly Hinge Properties

Our poly hinges are a unique one piece construction with a thinner center section that allows the hinge to move. Flexing the hinge actually strengthens the thermoplastic molecules and their bond together increases. They are lightweight, and resistant to acids, oils and grease.

PolyHinge Colors

Polyolefin Material Specifications and Colors

Poly hinges are made from a high quality polyolefin material and are available in one thickness, with a choice of 4 standard widths. Choose the best width for your application to completely cover the gap, or just hinge two pieces together. To match numerous applications, they are available in three color choices: black, gray or white.

Mounting Methods

Metal hinges often are restricted to flat surfaces, and have specific mounting requirements. A poly hinge works well on slightly uneven surfaces and are best mounted with holes and fasteners. Adhesives may also be used, but with an infinite number of materials that the poly hinge can be mounted to, a company who specializes in adhesives would give the best advice for which type to use.

Almost Unlimited Lengths

Our standard stock length is 72". You can also buy it in the 100 foot roll, and we can cut to any length you desire. This helps expand the applications you can use a hinge of this type for, even using it on a 100 foot door is possible.

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