Stainless Steel Hinges

When plated steel or aluminum just won't fit your needs, you can rely on Guden to supply you with stainless steel hinges. Whether it's a medical, marine, food service or outdoor application, one of our large varieties of stainless steel items is sure to meet your corrosion resistant hardware requirements. Choose from almost 150 different sizes of stainless steel continuous hinge in Guden stock. Butt hinges, slip joint hinges, spring hinges, spring latch hinges, and just about each and every one of our product lines are all available in a type 302/304 stainless steel. We even carry butt hinges and continuous hinges in type 316 grade stainless steel for applications that require an even higher corrosion resistance.

We can also easily add holes, slots, countersunk holes, spring loading, cut outs, PEMs, slots, bends, offsets and a variety of other custom operations to any stock product. Please see our custom hinge site for a wealth of information to assist you in getting the hinge that's the right fit for your requirements. You can quickly and easily pick the custom options you are looking for and submit it to us for quotation. And for even more continuous hinge design guidelines and help click here for our Hinge Guidelines.

Our Guden customer service team is also available for assistance and can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.