Stainless Steel Piano & Continuous Hinges, with and without Holes

Stainless Steel Piano & Continuous Hinges, with and without Holes

Guden offers a large variety of stainless steel continuous hinges listed below.

Standard Stainless Steel
Continuous Piano Hinges
Open widths from .50" to 6.00"
Thickness from .025" to .250"
In stock same day shipments
In stock with holes
All parts can be customized
In addition to stainless steel hinges we have other stainless types
Type 316 Stainless Steel Continuous Hinges - For highly corrosive environments
Polished Stainless Steel Continuous Hinges - For an extra decorative finish

Guden has a huge variety of type 302 / 304 stainless steel piano hinges. These hinges are also known as stainless steel continuous hinges and are in stock for immediate shipment. Guden's stainless piano hinges are great for applications needing corrosion resistance, or applications needing cosmetic appeal. They are great for outdoor, marine, food service and medical products.

We also carry:
Our stainless steel piano hinges are available from stock in our standard 6 foot length with some also available from stock in 2 foot, 4 foot or 8 foot lengths. Yet, don't be discouraged if you cannot find the exact specs you need. Custom widths, holes, cuts and lengths can also be supplied upon request. Please see the Guden custom hinge site for assistance and guidance in getting the custom hinge that's a perfect fit for your requirements.

Also, we encourage you to call our Guden customer service team for assistance. They can help you choose the most cost effective solution for your requirements.