The GUDEN Spring Hinges Deep Dive

1. What is a Spring Hinge?

Spring hinges are a continuous or butt type hinge with a knuckle or knuckles removed and replaced with a torsion spring. They are available in two versions: the spring legs push the leaves apart, or the spring legs push the leaves together.

It is common to refer to a spring hinge that has the spring legs pushing the leaves apart as spring-loaded-to-open and a spring hinge that has the spring legs pushing the leaves together as spring-loaded-to-close. Neither description should automatically refer to how the hinge is going to act in the application as that is dependent on how the hinge is mounted to the door or cover.

When designing your spring hinge into your application, it’s important to see which direction the spring is pushing your hinge leaf after it is mounted to the door. That action determines whether you want a hinge that is spring-loaded-to-close, pushing the hinge leaves together, or spring-loaded-to-open, pushing the hinge leaves apart. See our YouTube video below for a visual explanation of the loaded to open and closed spring hinges.

Applications where the hinge mounting causes the spring legs to be between the hinge leaf and the door or frame work much better if the hinge leaves are embossed to hold the spring leg. See here for more information on the embossing operation: Custom Spring Hinges - Springs Embossing

Once you’ve decided on the style of spring hinge your application requires, you’ll next decide on the tension or strength. This describes how fast or how much weight the spring hinge will move. The strength can be increased by either a stronger or thicker wire spring or by having multiple springs installed in the hinge.

We have many stock spring hinges and the best way to determine the correct spring hinge for your application is to select a sample or two with a torque close to what you calculate what you need. You can then try the sample in your application and see if you need more or less torque. You can then fine tune what you need with either a different item or maybe multiple spring hinges.

Custom spring hinges are available but we recommend exhausting our standard parts first. Delivery is much faster and cost is usually much lower.

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