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Selecting torsion springs for a hinge application can be tricky because static and dynamic friction in the hinge and spring may interfere with the resulting torque.

Guden can provide a wide array of sizes and strengths, and we encourage customers to experiment and test various different springs in their applications to find the perfect combination.

To test your application, Guden can provide a sample hinge with a removable pin and a small selection of springs. Customers can then test various spring strengths and numbers of springs while mounted into their action application.

Generally speaking, it's better to spread large torques across multiple springs than to concentrate the torque on one spring.

Also note that it is important to mount the springs such that as the leaf is twisted against the force of the spring, the spring is winding tighter, not looser. Mounting a spring backwards may appear to work at first, but the spring strength will quickly degrade. Guden samples will come with a spring already properly mounted for your reference.

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