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Bend - Swage - Offset : Both Leaves Half Swaged

It is possible to swage both leaves to the half position so that they touch in the middle when the hinge is closed. Each leaf is swaged so that the topside of the leaf is moved to the plane of the centerline of the pin.

In this configuration, the gap between the leaves is greatly minimized and in theory, is almost zero.

Common usage of Both Leaves Half Swaged

This cutaway diagram shows a common usage of Both Leaves Half Swaged in a sheet metal cabinet. The door swings outward, but the leaves are concealed for tamper resistance and clean appearance.

A butt hinge is shown here (used in pairs), but a full length continuous hinge is also common.

In this configuration, leaves are often fastened with flat head machine screws into countersunk holes, or spot welded.

Pins are often staked or spun end.

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