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Springs : Torque

The torque of a commercial spring hinge is produced by wound torsion springs placed around the pin, replacing one or more knuckles of the hinge.

The actual measured torque produced is dependant upon the torsion spring itself, and upon the friction in the spring coils and in the hinge. This friction causes quite a lot of hysteresis. In addition, there is natural variability in the torsion springs and the hinges.

Therefore, Guden quotes spring hinge torque as an approximate value.

In practice, this is still quite useful because it allows the designer to select items to test in the actual prototype. Guden provides designers with free sample items.

Torques are reported at the 180 degree open flat position.

Torque when turned 90 degrees tighter is approximately 50% to 100% higher, depending on the individual item.

Guden also provides custom spring hinges with custom torque values -- just speak to your Guden representative.

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