Heavy Duty Weld-On Bullet Hinges

Heavy Duty Weld-On Bullet Hinges Heavy Duty Bullet Hinges

Guden offers a variety of Heavy Duty Bullet hinges listed below.

Heavy Duty Bullet Hinges
Overall length from 7.87" to 10.55"
Grease Fitting available
In stock same day shipments
All parts can be customized
We can Bag and Tag parts for your convenience. Just ask your customer service representative for details

Heavy Duty Weld-on Bullet Hinges are the best choice for engineers who need a solution for moving heavy applications like heavy lids, doors, cabinets, gates and more. These heavy duty weldable bullet hinges are the perfect for securing door connection, but also for easy door removal. In addition, Guden's heavy duty welded bullet hinges offer aesthetic benefits thanks to their cleaner smoother appearance due to a leafless hinge.
Some people call bullet hinges other names like weld on hinges, barrel hinges, cylinder hinges, safe hinges and weld on lift off hinges.

We also have a wide selection of other Heavy Duty Weldable Hinges.

These hinges are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can hold heavy weights. Many of the sizes are available with a grease fitting attachment for easy lubrication. If you do not see the exact hinge specifications that you need, Guden can create the perfect custom Weldon hinge for you.